There are lots of different tips and tricks on the ways we should care for our hair. We should get it cut regularly and make sure we’re not putting rubber bands in our mane instead of proper elastics. For curly-haired girls, there are specific tips on how you should care for your ringlets. One of them we often hear is that people with curly hair should not brush their hair. Does it really apply in all cases or are there times when curls can benefit from a quick brush? Or is it just a beauty myth and you’re free to brush your curls as often as you like? We investigated.

The best time for curly-haired girls to take care of their manes is when they are wet. You’re okay to use a brush as long as you choose the right one. Umberto from UMBERTO Beverly Hills salon suggests using a banana brush like the UMBERTO Banana Brush. or a wide-tooth comb.

Umberto Banana Brush Comb

Umberto recommends combing your hair while you’re still in the shower and you have conditioner on your locks. Remember to be gentle. You do not want to rip or pull your curls. Umberto states, “When combing or brushing the hair, the hair can stretch 10 times the length and if you over-stretch the hair, it will snap. When hair is wet, the cuticle is open so that is why the hair needs the conditioner, for the added slip.” Then you’re okay to rinse and dry your hair.

As for the rest of your routine, when you’re using the towel on your head, Umberto says to roll it around so you do not mess up the cuticle. Then spray your damp hair with a conditioning spray such as the Controller Conditioning Spray. You can also use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to rake down the cuticle. It’s ideal to air dry your hair, but you can use a diffuser or rollerball. When your hair is dry, add oil for shine and a bit of polish, such as the Roman Oil Serum.

For those with natural hair or very curly hair, Umberto says that the same rules apply. Also, be gentle with your hair. Umberto states African American hair may be curlier but the hair is even more delicate and fragile. He suggests that after following the above routine, make sure that you use a conditioning spray to comb your hair and finish with a hair oil once your locks are dry.

When your curls are dry, it is best not to brush them because it will result in frizz because it breaks up the natural curl. You should also try to resist the urge to constantly touch and twirl your hair because that will also increase frizziness. Do one final touch-up in the mirror and leave the house knowing you look gorgeous.

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