Hello, guys. Remember us, the people that have been giving you TONS of different prom hairstyle tutorials for the past few weeks? Well, we’re back! And while you may have assumed there aren’t possibly any more ways to style your locks for the big night, we’re here to tell you that you’re so, so wrong.

Braids are a great addition to any hairdo, whether it’s one you’re wearing to a formal event or a casual gym sesh. Learn how to spice up your prom ensemble by adding a braid (or two or three or seven) to an already gorg updo with the following tutorials:

1. Two French braids, two regular braids, and some bobby pins are all you need to create this elegant updo:

Two French braids

2. This is a similar style, but with a twisted bun instead:

DIY Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial

3. First, create a half ponytail and flip the hair through the elastic. Then, make two braids with the remaining hair and pin underneath the twist. Ta da!

Best Half Ponytail ideas

4. Make a loose Dutch braid going from one side of your head to the other and then pin the tail to make this classy ‘do:

How do Dutch braids for beginners

5. Not gonna lie, this hairstyle is a bit tricky — but we have faith in you!

Braided Updos, Prom Hairstyles, Tutorials, Hacks

6. Braids can often look quite prim and proper, but there are totally ways to still get messy, boho vibes with them:

Braided Updos for Every Occasion

7. Some people want to wear an actual crown on their prom night, but others would rather do this braided ‘do:

Inspiring Examples of Goddess Braids

8. Believe it or not, this three-bun hairstyle will take you NO TIME at all:

Stunning Braided Updo Hairstyles

9. If you can make one French braid and two normal braids, you can accomplish this look:

French braid and two normal braids

10. And if THAT’S still too tough, you can always just make this updo by pinning four basic braids together:

11. You can wear flowers in your hair for prom, OR you can make your hair the flowers!

12. This style looks like a normal chignon, but it’s actually just a braid tucked into itself:

13. Spice up a classic top knot with a hidden braid:

14. A fishtail is another type of braid you can do to create some incredible updos, just like this one:

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