Are You Looking For A Bob Haircut?

Bob is such a vanilla-sounding name for a hairstyle that is much more delicious. Bob hairstyles have been around since the days when our grandmothers were in their girlhoods. Many fashion, movie, and television star icons have worn bob haircuts since then. All the way from the original “It” girl Clara Bow, the movie maven from back in the 1920s, until contemporary stars Drew Barrymore, Naomi Watts, Katie Holmes, and Gwyneth Paltrow, the bob hairstyle has never really lost its popularity nor gone completely out of fashion.

If you are thinking of trying a brand-new new style, it may be time for you to consider having one of the many kinds of bob haircuts that are available. They are some of the most tried-and-true styles around. There are conservative bob hairstyles and wilder, choppier bob haircuts. There are blunt one-length bob haircuts and layered bob hairstyles. There are as many different forms of the bob haircut as there are face shapes and length preferences, and that doesn’t even take into consideration color choices.

Whether you like straight hair or wavy hair, a bob haircut would be a great choice for you. Most bobs can be either one depending upon your whim. A bob hairstyle is sort of the superhero of all hairstyles. Maybe you will wear it mild-mannered and straight to the office by day and then make it go crazy and curly for a night out on the town.

Face Shape Tips

What face shape looks good with a bob?
What face shape looks good with a bob?

Every face shape has a bob hairstyle waiting to frame it. Whatever facial feature it is that you would like to accent or maybe even those you may wish to camouflage can all be accommodated by the right bob haircut. But how do you know what is the right bob hairstyle for you?

  • Round Face: If your face shape is round, a short choppy haircuts, slightly longer bob haircut will work best for you. You should not wear bangs that are cut straight across, nor wear it curly or wavy.
  • Square-Shaped Face: If you have a square-shaped face, try bangs that sweep to the side with longer hair on the sides and front cut into smooth, soft lines rather than a blunt-cut bob with heavier bangs that will accent your more square features.
  • Heart Shape Face: If your face is a heart shape, don’t cut your bangs straight across, it will make the top part of your head look out of proportion.
  • Diamond Shape Face: Diamond shapes, however, should wear straight-across bangs because they make your face look only half as long, and if you also need to fill out the width of your face, have the bob cut just to your chin-length and wear it wavy.
  • Oblong Shape Face:
  • If your face is oblong, your bob should be cut shorter than chin-length because it will accent the side-to-side aspect rather than the up-and-down aspect of your face.
  • Oval Shaped Face: If you are lucky enough to have an oval-shaped face, you really are fortunate. Any style of bob haircut that you like will look fabulous on you!

Because a bob haircut is so versatile, it is perfect for any texture or thickness of hair.

A well-cut bob hairstyle can make the thinnest, finest hair appear lusher and thicker, and the most unruly, thickest hair look more manageable and controlled.

It all depends upon what you want from your bob. Your hair will also usually fall into the bob hairstyle into which it was cut nearly by itself!

A really good bob haircut makes your hairstyling job at home much less time-consuming.

Even though originally you had your hair cut into a particular shape bob hairstyle, you can still do so many different things with it for your own unique look.

Try waving it, curling it, putting several kinds of hair products into it, and just playfully experimenting with it to see what your look could turn out to be. Maybe it will be a lot of different looks. It’s all up to you and your creativity. It could be classy or sassy, old style or new wave. You might want to look through the style books and magazines at your hairdressers just to see what is new and the different lengths and cuts of bob hairstyles that are available.

Your hairdresser is also a great asset when choosing the style of bob haircut that you should have. Any stylist who has been in the business for any length of time at all has done many bob haircuts, so ask for advice. 

The final consultant, as far as your bob hairstyle is concerned, is you. How would you like to look today?

Why Should Someone Try A Bob Hairstyle?

Good Reasons to Get a Bob Haircut
Good Reasons to Get a Bob Haircut.

The bob is one of the most popular and versatile hairstyles around. Its origins can be traced to the American film actress Louise Brooks, who was popular in the 1920′s and 1930′s. Her bob was almost like a little helmet that surrounded her head.

Generally, a bob is a cut that is longer in the front and tapers into the nape of the neck. There is a trend today for a more retro inverted bob look, such as the look sported by the singer Rihanna. This is accomplished by head-hugging rounded layers and shorter layers underneath. This shorter in back style will show off your neck and make it appear longer.

Why should someone try a bob hairstyle? The look is very versatile and adaptable to most face shapes and hair types. Anyone who favors a short haircut still needs some hair to frame their face would benefit from the bob.

Bob Haircut Tips

Bob Haircut Tips
How to Style a Bob Haircut. (Photo Credit: Instagram via @nothingbutpixies).
  • If you have a round face, the bob will add layering around the jawline and appear to lengthen the neck. A good example of this would be the actress Julianna Mauriello, who plays Stephanie on the children’s television series Lazy Town. This look works well with color.
  • If you have thin hair, a bob can make use of layering and color to give your hair added texture and weight. In conjunction with the cut, one can use styling products such as a volume mousse (Aveda and L’Oreal are two good examples). Texturing waxes such as Aveda or Tigi will also work with the style to make your hair appear thicker and healthier. The main thing to remember with thin hair is to avoid a long style which is all the same length, as it can make your hair look lank and lifeless.
  • Bobs for those with thicker hair may require the added step of a silicone sealant, such as Aveda or Tigi, in order to give a smoother finish.

The bob is enjoying great popularity today thanks in large part to the many celebrities who are sporting or have recently sported the look, including Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Melissa Joan Hart, Kylie Minogue, Charlize Theron, Eva Longoria, and Victoria Beckham-who has sported bobs of two different lengths and colors, short and blonde and chin-length in a warm brown color.

How to Maintain a Bob Hairstyle

How to Maintain a Bob Hairstyle

Caring for a bob is fairly easy and straightforward, usually requiring only a blow dryer and a bit of time. However, foregoing blow-drying and instead of applying texturing cream to damp hair and leaving it to dry naturally can also produce a very contemporary look.

There are so many different varieties of bobs that almost any hair type or face shape can be accommodated, whether your hair is thick, thin, straight, or curly, or your face is round, oval, or squared. Consulting with your stylist is always recommended, but the bob is a great choice to update or jazz up your look.

Bob Hairstyles Tips:

Helping you to achieve a trendy bob hairstyle through simple suggestions.

  • Changing bobs by shaping and not losing the length.
  • Adding layers into the bob cuts and flipping the ends up and out mimics the retro bobs of the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Use highlights to brighten the hair and add dimension.
  • For a messier and wild bob style, use the blow dryer on the roots of the hair. Teasing the hair at the crown will complete shape, adding volume.

From the Cleopatra image and Mary Tyler Moore to the modern rockers of today’s pop culture, the bob haircut has stood the test of time. There is a bob style for every face shape and for every age. The beautiful bob haircut has always and will always represent fun and easy-going style with tons of personality.

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