Bob haircuts are short to medium-length hairstyles that are cut straight to the chin or jaw and curve at the tips. There are many different lengths and finishes to choose from, including blunt bobs, lobs, inverted cuts, shaggy styles, and pixie bobs. Bob haircuts are a great choice for those with fine hair, as they provide plenty of styling options.

A quick scan of the runways and the red carpets will tell you that buzzcuts are one of the hottest haircuts of the moment, but what about people who are looking to keep some length?

If you fall into the latter camp, you will be pleased to know that bobs are also one of the hottest looks. However, the mid-length bob is having a moment instead of the graduated “pobs” from a few years back.

While mid-length hair was once seen as a bit basic or an awkward stage for people growing out their hair, it is now an intentional style, and many are adopting it.

The beauty of the look is that it works with any hair shape, and the cut can be tweaked to suit your face shape and features. And, of course, let’s not forget about the fact that it still gives you enough length to play around with.

Have a look at the bob hairstyles you will want to try out right now:

1. Green and Yellow Bob

Green and Yellow Bob Haircuts

The blend of colors is amazing thanks to the slime effect, but the round shape makes it even more enviable.

2. Center Part Bob

Center Part Bob
(Photograph: @the_bob_haircut/Instagram).

This is proof that sometimes the simplest hairstyles are the prettiest. The middle part, with its minimal layers, is beautiful.

3. Blonde Bob with Wispy Bangs

Blonde Bob with Wispy Bangs

Whether you want your bob longer or shorter, or this length, you can still use the curled under fringe as inspiration.

4. Wavy Graduated Bob

Wavy Graduated Bob

Notice how the layers in the front are ever so slightly longer than the back? The curled ends enhance the effect.

5. Mauve Straight Bob

Mauve Straight Bob
(Photograph: @maija_armaneva/Instagram).

The grayish mauve color is desirable, but so are the long front layers and sharp shape.

6. Wavy Highlighted Bob

Wavy Highlighted Bob

Whether you’ve been blessed with natural waves or you could use help from a pair of tongs, speak to your stylist about a layered bob that will show off your tousled hair.

7. Mid-Length Bob with Thick Bangs

Mid-Length Bob with Thick Bangs

Think that bobs with bangs are always severe? Think again. This one is very soft, thanks to the subtle waves.

8. Blunt Bangs and Straight Bob

Blunt Bangs and Straight Bob

A stick-straight bob and thick bangs will look great on you. It is a timeless haircut.

9. Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircut
(Photograph: @rhandy_art/Instagram).

The peach hair color earns plenty of likes, but take a look at how cute this haircut’s shape is.

10. Graduated Curled Bob

Graduated Curled Bob Hairstyles

You might not be able to appreciate a graduated bob on your head in the same way that others will, but know that it will look this good, especially if you add some texture into the mix.

11. Layered Blonde Bob with Colored Sections

Layered Blonde Bob with Colored Sections

This is a very clever use of color. It’s also the perfect example of finding a hair color (or colors) that help bring out a haircut.

12. Green Straight Bob

Green Straight Bob

Want to hang on to as much length as possible? Try this shoulder-grazing style—green color optional, but recommended.

Bob haircuts for round faces

Bob haircuts for round faces can be a great way to make a face look slimmer. A-line bobs, choppy bobs, collarbone lobs, stacked short curls, warm bronde combover bobs, angled short hairstyles, and broken waves are all popular choices.

Bob haircuts for oval faces

Bob haircuts for oval faces can be a great way to frame and complement the face shape. Popular options include wavy lobs with bangs, wavy chin-length bobs, shaggy bobs, wavy bobs, blunt bobs, deep side-part bobs, blunt lobs, growing-out pixies, heavy side-swept bangs, super-short pixies, pumped-up volume hairstyles, long face-framing layers, pixies, and bob cuts with bangs, as well as asymmetrical haircuts and edgy cuts.

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