Blorange Hair Makes Your Mane Look Like The Prettiest Creamsicle
What Is The Blorange Hair Color Trend? (Image: Instagram/memmieyo).

2020 saw many hair color trends pop up. Succulent hairsmokey lilac, and metallic dye jobs were just a few of the gorgeous trends. Well, 2020 has come and gone, and now there’s a new hair color trend that everyone is talking about in 2021: blorange hair.

If you were obsessed with rose gold hair, you’re going to like blorange dye jobs because they’re close cousins. The difference is that rose gold hair focused strictly on golden pink tones while blorange looks add in a hint of orange. The goal is for the pink and orange tones to blend together to achieve a pastel blood orange-like look, hence the name blorange.

Blorange hair is also similar to peach hair, but it has the additional pink to give it a warm hue that people cannot get enough of. You can think of it as the prettiest creamsicle look.

As with most hair color trends, blorange hair is the easiest to achieve if your hair is already blonde or bleached. However, dark-haired girls can still get in on the trend by lightening their locks. It might take a few more steps, but the end results will be worth it.

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