Move over strawberry blondes, because blorange hair is about to become the hair dye trend we’re claiming is completely natural.

We all know nothing rhymes with blorange, the latest hair color trend ready to rule our heads with its pinky, peachy blonde tint, but we honestly don’t care.

It all started back in October, when Georgia May Jagger posted an Instagram touting her newly-dyed tresses.

What color is Blorange?

The selfie, captioned only with the cryptic faux word “blorange,” garnered the model thousands of likes and hundreds of admirers ready to try out the blonde-meets-orange hair color for themselves. And we’ve got to say, a lot of these hairdos look like literal sunsets ON YOUR HEAD.

Singer Teyana Taylor rocked a blorange bob all week during New York Fashion Week shows and parties, and you’re lying if you don’t agree that it was seriously hot.

Singer Teyana Taylor rocked a blorange bob

Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga have even recently jumped on board the trend, and we’ve got to say that they both look bloody perfect.

Some are even referring to the blorange hair trend as peach hair, and we can’t deny the hair color’s uncanny resemblance to the fuzzy and well-endowed emoji.

What is the biggest hair color trend

Did we mention this hair color looks good on literally everyone ever? Whether you get your blorange done in a fancy ombré or an entire dye job, you’re bound to get bushels and bushels of compliments.

What is the formula for Blorange hair?

It may be too early to tell, but we think blorange hair could easily become 2024’s official hair color. Think you’ll give this peachy, keen hair hue a shot?

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