Black Wedding Hairstyles

African American wedding hairdos are considered to be some of the most elegant hairdos. Not only do they look sultry and glamorous, but they also exude a sense of insurmountable liveliness. Various kinds of black wedding hairstyles are available, such as edgy pony updos, messy updos, buns, and much more. Always think about the shape of your face before deciding on a wedding hairstyle.

It’s best to take a second opinion from a hair stylist or family member before making the decision too. Some of the hottest cuts and styles for black African-American brides will blow you away. As some experts have said – your hair on your wedding day can literally make or break you. Take a look at our top choice.

The Updo

The classic updo has forever been a running trend in wedding hairstyles. Many, however, assume that this is only suitable for a temporary style, such as a social event or party, and not for everyday usage. Vivica Fox is just one of the Hollywood stars that have featured this updo at Award functions and on the Red Carpet. However, keep in mind that these celebrities have got personal hair stylists to get their hair revamped into whatever style they desire at their beck and call. Long or medium-length hair is best suited for this hairstyle.

Fantasy Hair or Stenciling

This one’s been selling like hot cakes in Milan, Japan, London, and Paris of late. It’s even started to make its way into the States. Your hair basically makes all the statements you need to make on your wedding day with this hairstyle. It is completely unadorned and perfect for that modern girl who does NOT think that a princess’ tiara is the route to take.

Another very interesting turn in hair fashion of late has been the use of stencils to lay glitter designs on the hair and make exciting and bold fashion statements. This has been tried with everything from tiger stripes and animal prints to peace symbols. Imagine having a butterfly done for a butterfly-themed wedding dress or a shiny ankh for your Egyptian or African wedding. It works on long hair too, but you’ll most often see it on short hair as an accent. Fashion runways like Prada and Gucci have all used hair stencil art on their models.


Innovative colors are another fantastic way of adding creativity to your hair on your big day. It works particularly well with very natural short hair. It’s a fantastic way to add some spice and naughtiness to your wedding night. Depending on the color you choose, this could be a very subtle change in your look or a shockingly brazen one. Try not to be too wild. Test all the color changes for a minimum of six months before the wedding. You do want your groom to somewhat recognize as you walk down the aisle to take those wedding vows with him. The trial period also gives you an opportunity to fix up anything that you might not like in time for the wedding.

The Flip

This style from back in the raging 20s has come back, as is pretty obvious from recent award shows. The style has, for eternity, been equated with glamor and glitz. It’s another one of those easy updos and very easy to maintain. The flip will go well with practically any makeup palette. All the biggest African-American celebrities, from Toni Braxton to Rihanna, have been seen with this hairstyle at one point or another. The majority of the hairstyle trends this year are comebacks or easy updos. Basically, you’ll notice that people are choosing easily manageable and versatile styles over intricate regal looks. They want a cut that could easily be converted into a style that’s suitable for many different events, from a high-profile wedding event to a simple candlelight dinner under the moonlight with your soul mate. Black women also want a hairstyle that’s easy to compliment with light make-up.


Recently, we’ve seen a trend and rising demand for the natural look amongst black brides. Braids are definitely the way to go if you’re one of them. You can wear your hair either short or long with the African braids hairstyle. However, honestly, the complete lack of need for maintenance every morning is one of the most popular reasons for donning this do. They put you in perfect condition for the honeymoon. You get to wake up looking just as good as you did on the wedding day every day. What else would a bride want?

The Afro Wedding Hairstyle

Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that it was supposed to have died off back in the early 90s. However, it’s making an amazing surge back today. No one’s quite sure where it started. But it’s a low-maintenance hairstyle (or no style…). All over the south and in big cities like Chicago and New York, we’ve been seeing this pop-up. It’s an amazing style that will be classy and timeless now and forever. The natural look can be best achieved with minimal and soft make-up. If you’ve got a beautiful face, this style will show it off perfectly in a gorgeous hair frame.

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