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By: Vontae Jones

The heat is on! As August nears and the intrinsic enemies to hair–heat, humidity, and sweat–become more prominent, it’s easier than ever to see the time and effort you put into managing your hair go up in a frizzy mess. All those early-morning hours wasted, your confidence dashed and frustrations nearing an unhealthy intensity, and the worst part, you must start all over to potentially have the same circumstances bite you tomorrow. So, what can you do? It’s hard enough battling the social pressures surrounding appearance as is, so why do it alone, and why use methods and styles that’ll disappoint you at the first sign of any physical activity or weather exposure?

3 of the Best Summer Hairstyles

By the end of this article, you’ll be one step closer to owning the remainder of the summer and expressing yourself after the muteness this COVID-19-era of living has invited into so many lives. All styles featured are a product of the licensed cosmetologist at Salon Porsha, a salon in Redford, Michigan that has been experiencing a surge in popularity due to its proven ties to the community and exceptional work and customer service. You can find their contact information at the bottom of this article.


Braids have been a staple in the hair community for decades and are the perfect way to add some spice to your look. Bold and stylish, they are the ultimate protective tool against those pesky weather elements, being a physical barrier between heat elements and your natural hair. Although braids may demand a high price, the investment is inordinately worth it, providing you with a low-maintenance style that, on average, lasts 1-2 months, if not longer! There are multiple style options, and I would recommend getting braids if you live an active lifestyle or are heading back to school in the future. This style will hold up against what life will throw at it, allow for self-repairs if parts of it lose their freshness, and make heads turn when you walk into the room.

It is best to get your braids installed by a professional to mitigate hair damage from the braids being too tight or heavy. At Salon Porsha, the licensed stylists offer box braids, goddess braids, cornrows, or feed-in braids.

Best Summer Hairstyles: Braids


Sew-ins are hair extensions applied either by gluing (which isn’t recommended due to a greater potential of hair damage) and a stitching method, as the name implies. This is another great style for the variable summer conditions due to it acting as a barrier between the weather and your natural hair. Sew-ins carry a high price tag, but you’ll receive a bold, natural look that’ll emphasize your features, last between 6-12 weeks, and even aid in natural hair growth!

Receiving a sew-in is much faster than receiving a braid style with synthetic hair. However, you must deal with a more regular upkeep routine, diminished longevity, and periodic irritability via itchiness from oil build-up from your natural hair. That’s not to say that this option isn’t an excellent way to go, especially if you are someone who needs to maintain their beauty without having the sporty-look braids often give off. Sew-ins are easy to style after you get them because the hair retains most of its freshness.

It is very recommended that you get this style done by a licensed professional due to the accuracy and experience required to do it right. The stylists at Salon Porsha have you covered. Schedule an appointment and arrive with the hair you want to have installed. They’ll take care of the rest.


Finally, if you’re looking to redefine your look for the long-term, consider utilizing hair coloring. This option does little to defend you against the outside world’s harshness if you decide to apply the treatment to your natural hair. However, I highly recommend the addition if you choose to get a sew-in or one of the many braiding styles. Since those two options aren’t utilizing your natural hair, you can experiment with different colors without worrying about any long-term commitment. In this scenario, you get both the protective qualities of sew-ins and braids with a little extra flair to keep people guessing.

Best Summer Hairstyles: Coloring

Applying hair color to your natural hair can be a risky venture since it requires unique care routines and can easily damage your hair if not done correctly. I will always recommend going to a hair care professional, and if you’re on the fence, get a braid or sew-in style first.

Salon Porsha

As mentioned throughout this article, if you’re looking for a salon near the Detroit/Metro Detroit area, Salon Porsha is the perfect place. You’ll receive the utmost care and professionalism in an environment that feels like home and is vigilant in upkeeping the COVID-19 safety protocols. Give them a call or schedule an appointment through their website to control your look and rock the rest of the summer. You can find many other styles done by the team at Salon Porsha on their Facebook page. Join the thriving community today!

Salon Porsha is the perfect place

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