Military Haircuts For Men
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Military haircuts for men offer the best in professional-grade hair styling. These military haircuts are stylish and professional – perfect for any occasion. Discover new military haircuts and share your favorites with others.

Don’t you think there is something about a military man that makes him so hot and interesting? We are sure even those among you who do not want to openly admit this still think so. Have you ever wondered what it is about military haircuts for men that makes a man look so good?

In fact, military haircuts for men would be considered one of the sexiest summer haircuts for men. There could be some arguments about which are the best haircuts for men to look sexy, but we cannot deny the quickening of the heartbeat when you look at a man in a military uniform and a matching haircut.

And in any case, having sporting a military haircut for men does not mean one does not have the option of going back and choosing to learn and go with all about disconnected undercut hairstyle for men.

The key to a military cut is that it is short and is often also known as a buzz cut, as the cut is achieved by running a shaver to ensure that it is really small. But for civilians going for this style does not mean that it has to be as severe.

Here Are Some Important Cues On How To Go About Making This Hairstyle All Your Own

What is a military haircut called?

Have it both ways

You may want to have all the charm of the buzz cut but may not want to give up on the slightly longer hair. This means that you can keep the hair stubbly and severe at the sides and longer in the middle.

While this can be a great way to have your hair cut, you have to remember that such hair needs a bit more care than usual and will need you to be doubly focused on the grooming aspects to maintain the look.

Spikes and crew

What is a good military haircut?

Another way to go about it is not to make the hair really short in the middle but also not too long. This means that you need to do your hair up in short and sharp spikes. But do remember that to do this, you will have to have a nice bone structure on your face to support this extreme hairstyle.

Stubble on sides and along the way

Best Military Haircuts

Some people like to go for a military haircut only on the sides of the head and continue the same level of stubble along your jawline while styling the slightly longer hair in the middle a bit differently. But in such cases, many men prefer to keep their hair not so long in the middle.

Boyishly combed over

Boyishly combed over haircut

Men with wavy hair can do this; cut their hair severely short on the sides and more than a bit longer than average in the middle. You can create a slight thatch-like effect by combing your hair over. You have to admit that it does soften the severity of a pure military cut and adds a boyish charm to the face.

Sculpted cut

Sculpted haircut

Imagine taking a military cut and making it look sculpted to suit the lines of your face in a seemingly natural way. The darkness and thickness of the hair in the middle and the top of your head are achieved by a slightly longer haircut in the middle. This can be a great way to do your hair, especially on the warmer days of the year.

No frills military cut

No frills military haircut

Yes, we are suggesting that you actually cut your military hairstyle, which means really short all over the head. But you have to remember that this is a severe look and may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

However, unlike most conventional military styles, this style may be a bit more lenient when it comes to the sporting of the stubble along with it, which is something that you can play around with if you want.


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