Best Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair
(Photo Credit: Instagram via @ sophiemariecurly).

For us girls with curly or frizzy hair, getting around all those locks can pose as a bit of a challenge. However, the great news about our hair type is that even when we don’t have a hairdo, we still have those gorgeous locks to play with and count on for a voluptuous feel. The challenge is, though, to make it look as awesome as possible without having to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror.

If you are not sure which hairstyle to pick, here are some ideas you may consider – they are pretty easy to fashion and will look ridiculously gorgeous on your beautiful frizzy hair!

A Messy Bob

messy short bob

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past half a year or so, you’ve seen that the latest trend of shorter hair has taken a spin around the globe. Most of us have got our long locks cut and replaced them with a shorter do, a chick yet still playful and sophisticated option for the upcoming summer.

A messy bob will save you a lot of time and hair product. Plus, having shorter hair means less effort invested in making it look super styled.

A celebrity stylist’s tip: Whenever you feel like your hair is losing volume, use a curling iron or Cloud Nine hair straightener to give it the extra curly nudge. Then, with a fine-tooth comb, tease the drab parts of the hair. After that, lightly run your fingers through the hair, only to give it that messy, light look. It always works!

Carrie Bradshaw Locks

Carrie Bradshaw Locks

Nothing says frizzy better than Carrie locks! Except for one season (season 3 I believe it was), Carrie owned up to her locks in a big way. Either long or short(er), the frizzy do is one of her trademarks. So, why not copy Carrie’s curly hair?

A celebrity stylist’s tip: If your hair is long and curly, then leave it be. Give it a trim to keep it healthy and growing, and for extra volume, use your hands to, sort of, pump it up. To keep the curls fresh, don’t use too much product on your hair. It will straighten the locks.

The Beehive Updo

Beehive Updo

This is definitely one of the favorite hairstyles for girls who have frizzy hair. Why? Well, this is not about taming your hair – it’s about owning that gorgeous frizz you’ve got going on! This is an enhanced, volumized updo that will give you that chill and cool look. Interestingly enough, paired with jeans and strappy sandals, this updo is a perfect option for a chic night out.

A celebrity stylist’s tip: To get this done, mist roots with a dry shampoo to give your hair lift and grip. Set your hair with a few large hot rollers. Then, to tease your hair at the crown, use a fine-tooth comb, then sweep it up into a messy bun and pin it in place.

Ballerina Frizzy Bun on Steroids

Ballerina Frizzy Bun on Steroids

This is what you may call a polished look that works beautifully with frizzy hair of any texture. This works especially nice for those with natural curl.

If you feel like you need a quick solution for a cool yet classy night out, this is your do!

A celebrity stylist’s tip: To add the needed texture (only in case there is no natural wave, otherwise, don’t push it), use a volumizing shampoo and then working the mousse through the hair while damp. Let it air dry if possible; if not – lightly blow dry with a diffuser. Don’t use a comb, but scrunch your hair with fingers as it dries. Next, brush your hair into a high ponytail at the crown. Secure the ponytail tightly with a covered elastic band, and you’ve pretty much done!

Just to be clear – this is not the official name for this hairdo!

Hopefully, these suggestions and advice helped, and you’ve picked yourself a nice do for the upcoming summer!

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