A wig is a hair or head attachment made from animal hair, human hair, or synthetic fiber.

Every year wigs are becoming popular, which is not a surprise. Both men and women enjoy wearing wigs and reap the benefits of wearing them. Hair wig-wearing has several benefits which include;

  • A variety of styles to choose from.
  • Natural hair protection.
  • Boosting your confidence
  • It is a budget-friendly solution
  • It’s a way of coping with hair loss

Wigs help you change up your hairstyle without causing more stress on your natural locks. Also, you don’t have to go through a long process of styling or dying your hair.

If you are looking for an easy and quick way to change up your hairstyle, hair wigs are an ideal solution. All you need is to put up a different hair wig and you are up with a new hairstyle.

So, if you are a beginner to hair wigs or just want to restock more wigs, here are a few hair wig styles to try out.

1.    Short Pixie

A short pixie wig is a suitable option for those who have had long hair for the longest time and want to try a cropped cut. Without having to cut off your long locks, you can use the pixie wig as a substitute. Also, since your hair may take a long time to grow, this hair wig is a perfect alternative.

This wig style is ideal for natural hair because of its low maintenance, and stylish way of repairing hair damage. Also, you can use it to grow your relaxer and experiment with extreme hair dyes.

There are human or synthetic short pixie wigs that you can choose from. The human hair wig short pixie is lightweight and feels more natural. The synthetic short pixie wig is cheap and can be styled easily.

2.    Curly wig

If you want a style with a little more volume, we recommend that you try out a curly wig. This hair wig style completes any look for an event and gives an impression that you spent time creating the gorgeous style.

This wig style is perfect for you when you have straight hair and want to attend a costume party or need a change. You can frame this wig style if you have a fuller face. You can also have it at mid or shoulder length.

Reasons why you should consider having a curly hair wig style are; it gives you countless style options and gives you perfect curls by barely lifting a finger.

3.    Bob Wig

Bob wigs are versatile, contemporary, and comfortable. It comes in both natural and synthetic hair designs in a range of colors, cap options, and cuts.

Professional stylists conclude that this wig style is one of the most adaptable and flattering styles you can choose. If you are looking for a short, clean-cut style, a bob wig is an ideal solution.

This wig style is complementary to many faces.

4.    Blowout layers

These are hairstyles from the ’90s that are making a comeback. This wig style creates a sexy and soft appearance that looks great on all types of locks.

This wig style doesn’t feel too heavy and dense on your head. The layers allow the wig to be lightweight and comfortable.

By investing in this hair wig style, you will have your face framed beautifully. You can check out Unice Hair Wig for a wide selection of layered hair wigs.

5.    Side Parting

Side parting hair wig style can help in framing your face and transform your look. This type of wig is healthier, breathable, and well-made. They are also easier to style, especially for airy styling.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly hair wig style, this wig is perfect for you. It can help you achieve that flawless, natural, and trendy look.

With this wig, you can conceal your natural hairline. It is available in human and synthetic forms.

6.    Curtain Fringe

The Curtain fridge wig style is suitable for all ages. This hairstyle has hair falling on either side of the face on the cheekbone. When the fringe is swept on the sides, you leave your forehead and the middle of the face free of hair.

This wig style gives you a face-framing effect that is flattering. They look gorgeous in all face shapes. If you are aiming for a striking look, the Curtain Fringe style is a great option.

7.    Ombre Wig

If you’ve always wanted to go for a bolder hairstyle but have second thoughts, then this wig style is a great option for you. With an ombre wig, you won’t need to dye your natural hair to achieve that look you’ve been wanting to try out.

If you are going to a party or in need of costumes, you can look for an ombre hair wig. It is a perfect hairstyle if you want to stand out on any occasion.

The wig is versatile and only requires low maintenance. With an ombre wig, you can rock any look.

8.    Ponytail

You can use ponytail wigs to add style to any outfit. They are perfect for any occasion, whether it be for a simple walk in the park or attending a grand and luxurious event.

They come in various styles such as long, sleek, fuller, and wavy. A ponytail wig can be applied to your natural hair and gives you the added length, volume, and style you need.

Ponytail hair is available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. They are also relatively easy to maintain.


There you have it. We hope this list of hair wig styles has helped you decide which one would look best on you. Once you have decided on the style you want, you can check out Unice Hair Wig and select from a range of colors and sizes for wigs.

If you want a wig style that makes you stand out and look good, then all you need to do is to select one that perfectly complements your face.

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