I can’t even dare to imagine the scary tattoo machine gun scribbling on my head all because my style can’t make a sacrifice. But even though you cannot undo what’s being inked, there lies the hair tattoo designs that won’t ask for a real Commitment. Hey, do you, too, have a boss so pissed off with the tattoo thing (like I do)? These undercut hair tattoo inspirations are hereby giving you one more reason to grab the beautiful buzz cut and flaunt it whenever you want. However, you want! Wanna flaunt it? Get a high-head bun or a stunning lady-like short haircut. Want to hide it? Just let your hair down to pass without even giving a hint about it.

Hair tattoos are a unique way to express oneself and add a touch of creativity to a hairstyle. Here are some popular hair tattoo designs:

  1. Geometric shapes: These designs incorporate triangles, squares, and other shapes to create a bold and modern look.
  2. Floral designs: Flowers, leaves, and vines can create intricate and feminine hair tattoos.
  3. Animal prints: Leopard spots, zebra stripes, and other animal prints can add a wild touch to an undercut hairstyle.
  4. Words and phrases: Words and phrases can be shaved into the hair to create a personalized message or statement.
  5. Abstract designs: Abstract designs can create a unique and artistic hair tattoo.
  6. Tribal designs: Tribal designs are popular for hair tattoos, incorporating bold lines and patterns.
  7. Celestial designs: Sun, moon, and star designs can add a celestial touch to an undercut hairstyle.
  8. Music-inspired designs: Music notes, instruments, and lyrics can be incorporated into a hair tattoo for a music lover.
  9. Sports-inspired designs: Sports logos, team names, and player numbers can be shaved into the hair of a sports fan.
  10. Nature-inspired designs: Trees, mountains, and other natural elements can be used to create a nature-inspired hair tattoo.

Hair Tattoo Ideas

Hair Tattoos: The Edgy Trend You Can Flaunt or Conceal
Photo Credit: Instagram/los_cut_it

A trending style update for ladies and gentlemen that is shaking up the voguish statement all across the world is indeed these hair tattoo designs. But there may be some aspects too important not to be ignored but known as to decide which one idea suits you all. Of course, every job and lifestyle isn’t compatible with the undercut hair tattoo.

The Right Placement

  • Even if these Mind Blowing Hair Tattoo Designs do certainly not work and are profession-oriented, being tricky is still an option for you. Getting a buzz cut at the back of the head right above the neck would be a great placement for you. These inspirations give you just the right opportunity to flaunt whenever you desire and hide as the situation and timings demand.
  • Not to mention the artists who have free will about their lifestyle and fashion have a great advantage here of being able to flaunt the Hair Tattoo Designs all the time. So, all the locations on the head are perfect for you. My favorite one is right on the ear placement to get a stunning undercut.

Choosing the Right Hairstyle

Hair Tattoo Designs to Try

No selection is required if you are okay with all-time showing off of the hairstyle. However, going for short hairstyles like pixie and bob hairstyles will be problematic if you are a professional or corporate person since these hairstyles cannot hide the hairstyle. Preferring longer hairstyles would be best and most comfortable then.

Ask Yourself A Few Questions!

  • Can you go to a salon to keep your grown hair from ruining the hair tattoo designs? (Well, this is the only thing that pisses me off and keeps me from getting the buzz cut) More salon means more money more time, and more effort. If you think you can cope with all of this (“Cause mastering the scissors and haircut isn’t going to help here), only then go for this hairdo.
  • Does your job permit you to get this hairstyle? Not all jobs and bosses are cool enough to let you do whatever fashion you want to flaunt. Consider it before contacting a hairstylist to get these Mind Blowing Hair Tattoo Designs.
  • Will you be okay with the hair sacrifice to get the haircut done? Sharing a personal experience with you! I had nice long hair, and it scared me to cut it all whenever a thought of getting a lob or pixie emerged. These hairstyles are for you only if you have the guts to transform the look. Though, I can bet that you are going to look inspiring.

Guess what? You have the perks of getting this hairstyle showing it off to the world on social media, and letting it grow all over again to grab some new hairstyle. Unlike the real world, where “Permanent ink” is the honorable part of tattooing that comes with the deal, you can always try all of these Mind Blowing Hair Tattoo Designs one after another. What is your reason for not trying it, then?

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