8 Back-To-School YouTube Hair Tutorials On YouTube That Make Me Miss School
8 Back-To-School YouTube Hair Tutorials On YouTube That Make Me Miss School.

Who loves back-to-school hair tutorials? Well, sometimes, even adults…including us! Check out our favorite picks for YouTube hairdos here.

Being 23 and out of college, the end of summer signifies little to me besides the imminent need for a space heater and fluffier sweaters. But for tons of teens and people in their early twenties, the fall represents returning to their respective learning establishments, whether that be high school, college, or anywhere else that kids are learning to do stuff these days (it’s been around 14 months since I left school so, obviously, everything has totally changed).

Something that always drove me crazy when I was getting ready to return: how difficult it is to figure out new styles. The pressure to “reinvent” yourself like an aging pop star making a comeback is bizarrely pervasive (at least, it was for me, as I transferred in high school and felt obligated to be…I don’t know, “a new Sam,” or something). Obviously, this is not some requisite for growing up, but change is almost always a fun thing when it comes to style, so why not run with it and try out one of these fantastic tutorials for your first day of, well, anything?

1. 3 Easy Back-To-School Hairstyles!

This fantastic tutorial includes an up-do, a fancy Coachella-worthy down look, and a side style, perfect for anybody who’s looking to diversify their daily looks.

2. 4 Cute Back-To-School Hairstyles

This tutorial includes: the “Snake Braid,” cute Hair Bow for some flare on the back of your head, the classic Sock Bun, plus an added twist on it so you can revitalize your look for the new season without having to get all new tools.

3. Easy Back-To-School Hairstyles For Medium Long Hair

I have exactly the length of hair, albeit significantly less smooth and straight, so this tutorial is perfect for somebody with similarly-cut hair. She explains in a simple, step-by-step way exactly how to style a twisted hairband look, a half-updo that flips in hair, pompadour side braid, and adorably messy high bun. Plus, no heat or complicated steps!

4. 10 Short Hair Styles

When you’ve got chin-length hair, there are still tons of hairstyles you can do — you can just be a little more creative! This tutorial teaches you how to do cute, fun looks for the first day.

5. Big Sexy Waves for Short Hair Tutorial

Who doesn’t love big hair? Personally, I think giant curls are just about the most “great statement” thing in the world. I’m loving this tutorial for its simplicity and glamour.

6. Back to school: GIRLY hairstyles

These gorgeous styles, including cute accessories, are perfect to pair with any of the outfits you’re planning on presenting yourself in for the fall. As a lover of bright colors, I can see these looking excellent with a short floral dress or a pair of skinny jeans and blouse!

7. High ponytail with extensions hairstyle

Wanna try something really different than your normal hairstyle? Presuming you don’t have extensions, this could be a cool way to get a new look without chopping all your locks off or dyeing it a crazy color. High ponies always look snazzy and are great as a polished hairstyle.

8. Bebexo’s 1 Minute Back To School Styles

Okay, I know I already included a Bebexo video, but how awesome is it that you can do these all in just a minute? So awesome.

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