Asian Wedding Hairstyles
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Asian wedding hairstyles tend to be very different from Western ones. Starting from the color to texture, Asian women have different hair altogether, and this shows in the hairstyles they choose. Most Asian women are proud of thick, glossy, and black hair. Their diet often integrates a number of foods to aid rapid and thick hair growth. Asian hair tends to be more porous and, thus, retain moisture better than other types of hair. These facts are taken into consideration when choosing an Asian hairstyle.

The Asian continent houses much variety in terms of hairstyles, starting from Indonesia and Japan to India and Pakistan. We look at some of the hairstyles that are most-loved by Asian brides. You’ll find that many of them closely match Western bridal hairstyles except with a tiny ethnic touch.

The Traditional Bun

Asian low loose bun wedding hairstyle

This is the most oft-repeated and simplest of Asian wedding hairstyles all across the continent. It’s the traditional bun that’s tied either at the back of the head or at the nape. A few tendrils of hair may be curled and left to fall gently on the side of the face, depending upon the bride’s preference. The well-groomed hairstyle is often added to with a tiara or flowers.

Koreans prefer to tie this near the nape to give a ‘chignon’ appearance. A bit of innovation may be introduced in the form of intertwined braids being pinned beside the bun. The elongated bun or French twist can also be used as an alternative to the regular round bun.

The Short & Sassy Look

Asian Short Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle is commonly seen amongst Korean and Japanese women who, unlike the rest of the Asians, like to keep their hair short regularly too. Often, all the short and sassy look consists of is the hair gelled and styled to sport spiky side growths and a big wedding hair comb or hairpin, often very detailed and expensive, set into the hair to finish it off.

Most of these brides will be donning a traditional dress called a ‘kimono’ at the wedding, which is somewhat like a fancy silk gown with flowing long sleeves and an intricate belt.

The short wedding hairstyle tends to add a touch of cuteness to the kimono get-up, particularly if the bride has a small and willowy frame.

Simple & Straight

Asian Straight Wedding Hairstyles

Another very popular Asian hairstyle is the simple straightened hair left loose. Asian women love growing their hair long. In Asian cultures, long hair is believed to be a symbol of feminine beauty. A very simple double or crystal headband may be used to draw half the hair back and accentuate the look. Side-pinned bangs and side-swept bangs also look great with the long flowing hairstyle.

If you’ve got very thick and curly hair that’s difficult to manage, don’t panic just yet. Your wedding hairstyle nightmares can be put to an end by simply straightening your hair into loose waves and curls. The curls can either be pinned onto the back or side of the head or left loose.


Asian Braids Bridal Hairstyles

These are really popular amongst Indian, Pakistani, and Bengali brides. Most of the time, they will be intertwined with fresh flowers very beautifully.

Tips for Asian Wedding Hairstyles

You can see from the above that Asian wedding hairstyles are just as varied and popular as North American and European ones. We share some tips to keep in mind when trying out an Asian hairstyle for your wedding.

  • If you’re an Asian bride, your hair strands are likely to be rounder and thicker than other women’s hair. Particularly, redheaded Asians tend to have the thickest mane. It’s a good idea to spend some time working through your hair with a good comb gently to get rid of all knots before styling your hair. Also, adhere to a strict diet in the days preceding your wedding so that your hair looks bright and high in luster on the big day.
  • On the other hand, if you’re a European bride, your hair is likely to be much thinner than Asian women’s regardless of whether you have blond, dark, or straight hair. Asian wedding hairstyles that originate from Korean and Chinese cultures would be the best to look into for thin hair as those women tend to have thin hair too.
  • Keep the shape of your face in mind when selecting the hairstyle. It’s a good idea to look up face shape and hairstyle guides on the net or consult with your salon’s hair stylist on this matter.

Hair Accessories in Asian Bridal Hairstyles

The most popular bridal hair accessory amongst Asians is flowers in the South-East. The list goes on, though, and Asian brides like to experiment just as much as the women in the West.

You can use stone-studded hairpins, crystal tiaras, and barrettes too. The veil is an essential part of any Asian bridal gear. Also, remember that more than half of Asia consists of Muslim people. Muslim weddings will usually feature the bride wearing a veil and intricately designed head cover. 

Therefore, careful attention is not always paid to choosing and donning a unique hairstyle. Most brides will simply stick to what’s in vogue at the moment and the traditional options.

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