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Tips For Healthy Natural Hair

Many people desire to have long, thick, and shiny hair. For those who don’t have this kind of hair, the question on how to grow your hair fast is very important. Although there are no tricks to grow your hair long and thick quickly, you can always count on natural remedies to healthy grow your hair.

Natural hair products can be made from our own homes for a fraction cost of the equivalent shop product. Natural conditioners and shampoos are non-toxic and offer nutrition, stimulation, and hydration of the hair and scalp. The following are tips for growing healthy natural hair.

1. Use natural sesame oil hair conditioners

If you have dry hair, rub a small amount of natural olive oil on spilled and broken ends. Then cover it with a shower cap or plastic bag for 40 to 50 minutes. If you have the whole night to yourself, you can let it stay overnight. Wash and rinse it thoroughly after this.

2. Make an herbal hair mask

Mix one teaspoon of Triphala and one teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel and little amount of water. Stir until paste is formed. Wet your hair and apply it on to the scalp and hair and leave it for up to twenty minutes, then shampoo and rinse the hair. This paste helps in keeping your hair natural.

3. Wash your hair with basic baking soda

By weekly rinsing your hair with baking soda, you will be able to eliminate all layers of chemical gel and pollutants that attach on your hair throughout the week. Your hair will also get a glossy feeling and even lighten it up.

4. Use coconut oil conditioners

For brittle hair, you can always moist it by treating it with hot coconut oil conditioners. Massage warm coconut oil into the hair and scalp. Cover your head for thirty minutes, then wash and rinse it with shampoo. Wash it twice to get rid of all the oil you used.

5. Eat a well-balanced diet

What you eat will significantly reflect how your hair will look. Drink purified water and eating a healthy plant-based diet will help your hair grow naturally fast. Stay away from chemically processed and preserved foods; they strip your hair its health and the natural glow.

6. Use castor oil conditioners

For healthy hair that is well-conditioned, mix two teaspoons with one white egg. Stir the mixture until it forms a paste then massage the paste on to your wet hair and scalp. Let it be for at least 20 to 25 minutes before washing and rinsing your hair.

It is highly recommended to completely switch to natural hair products for better results, which is free from toxic substances.

A thick and glorious mane of hair is always a crown asset to both women and men. This is evidently shown by thousands of hair product in the market, hair salon, and beauticians. With the above tips, you can save on your hair treatment cost while keeping your hair natural and healthy.

5 Ways To Improve Your Hair Quality At Home

Improve Your Hair Quality At Home

What considered hair quality?

Hair quality can be defined based on hair condition. That means it is long enough, has a good texture, healthy growth, does not fall off and glows. Most people prefer chemical-based approaches to achieve quality. These approaches call for visiting expensive salons and high-priced treatments in the process of trying different conditioners and shampoos. What we fail to put in mind is that the quality we are looking for lies within our kitchens back at home. It is easy to achieve quality using home-based remedies at the expense of visiting the most cherished high-class salons and spending more. Let us have a glimpse of some of the home-based remedies that can give us quality hair.

Bananas treatment

Bananas have high potassium, vitamin A, E, and C content. These nutrients are important for healthy hair growth and also improve the natural elasticity of the hair. However, bananas are known to have the high calories content; thus we are discouraged from consuming a lot, and that leaves us with the question how do we use them for improving the quality of our hair? Bananas can be mashed then applied to the hair from the root. The treatment should be left on for 15 minutes before washing it away with shampoo. The treatment helps in curing dry hair and also nourishes the hair.

Egg Yolk treatment

The Egg Yolk is highly rich in the nutrients biotin (vitamin B complex) and sulfur. Sulfur and proteins are the major hair building components. Biotin is a soluble vitamin B commonly known as the hair growth vitamin. The vitamin acts as a cofactor that promotes hair growth. It also promotes elasticity and protects against dryness. Eggs can either be consumed or directly applied, to improve the quality of the hair. When it comes to direct application, you simply whip the eggs and apply the on the scalp. You can as well mix them with avocados before applying. It should be allowed to settle before rinsing it off using warm water.

Avocado treatment

When talking about natural remedies for quality hair, Avocados can never fail to suit in. The use of this green fruit to maintain quality hair has been in use for several years, even in the traditional setup. It has many nutrients with a moisturizing sensation to the hair. Avocados are rich in vitamin B and E that works to the cellular level to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Vitamin B is essential for growth, while vitamin E helps to repair scalp damage. Using avocados is, therefore, a natural remedy for improving hair growth, tenderness, and protecting against hair breakage.

Blackstrap molasses

It is a dark and thick syrup containing all essential trace minerals that are extracted from sugar cane in the process of refining sugar. One such mineral is copper ions, which is essential for healthy hair since it helps in skin melanin production. Consumption of two tablespoons of the molasses on a daily basis improves the quality within weeks. In the event that the hair is losing color, consistency intake of the substance increases returns the hair to its original color. It is because it has copper ions that speed up the production of melanin that dictates the color.

Strawberries for luscious hair

Strawberries prevent hair fall off and hair loss. It also helps fight cases of dandruff in the hair. Also, strawberries have antioxidants whose accumulation in the scalp protect it and, in the end, prevent hair thinning. Strawberries can be mixed with egg Yolk then mixed to form a paste that is then applied to the scalp. It should be left for some minutes before washing away with warm water. This treatment will give a moisturizing effect to the hair, thus improving quality hair. The dandruff is fought by antioxidants and mineral ions such as copper and manganese found in strawberry.

The approaches mentioned above, therefore, can be used to treat our hair at home without having to go to expensive salons and having to apply several chemicals to our hair to improve its quality. It is also important to understand that some of the chemicals we apply to our hair can have a damaging effect on the hair scalp and may lead to some diseases. These are because they may block the potassium channels that promote hair growth and also maintain healthy hair. The blockage of such channels can lead to falling off the hair and low-quality hair. Natural home remedies for hair growth do not have such negative impacts, and so it is encouraged to use them for quality and long-lasting hair.


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