Have you ever had a hard time determining whether or not you’re pretty? There’s a surefire—but totally not scientifically proven way to identify if you’re attractive or an uggo.

Screw the golden ratio and society’s beauty standards; there’s a new way to assess whether or not you’re good-looking coming at you straight out of China. Thousands of people using Weibo, China’s version of Facebook, are posting images of themselves evaluating their facial beauty using what’s called the “Beauty and Ugliness Identification Method,” aka the “finger trap test.” It’s preposterous but also awesome. The best part about it is that it’s a test you’re definitely going to pass. The worst part is the test is utter nonsense.

Here’s how E!Online described the gist of the very basic test:

“If you are able to place your index finger against your nose and have your lips touch that finger at the same time, you are beautiful.”

Interested in trying it yourself? Here are directions for your own “finger trap” beauty examination:

  • Place your index finger on your nose.
  • Get your finger touch your lips at the same time.

Proper execution of the finger trap test might look a little something like this:

The Finger Trap Test Is The New Way To Tell If You're Pretty
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Can you do it? If so, you passed. You are beautiful. Yay. Can you not do it? No, you definitely can. Check out these pictures of people successfully doing it. Everyone can touch their lips and nose simultaneously. That’s part of why this “test” is so screwy. It doesn’t make any damn sense, and it’s not really testing anything except one’s ability to touch their face and tilt their finger.

I’m choosing to ignore the wackiness of the test because everyone should be able to feel hot, whether or not they have a thigh gap or a perfectly symmetrical face.

H/T E! Online 

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