Everything You Need To Know About Keratin Treatments

There’s a saying that goes: your hair makes or breaks your look. Well, we agree with the stance. Just imagine a day with a top-notch outfit, on fleek makeup, amped up with elegant jewelry ornaments, and boom! One frizz attack and your look for the day is ruined. Hence, it’s important to keep your hair health in check. As long as it’s free from dryness, brittleness, split-ends, greasiness, frizz, flyaways, and tangles, your hair keeps up with your look.

Now, how do you maintain the health of your hair? One of the ways to do this is a keratin treatment. It goes by many names, such as taming treatment, smoothing treatment, Brazilian blowout, and others. It contains keratin as the key ingredient, which repairs hair damage, revitalizes hair strength, and gives it a more manageable, more appealing look.

What is Keratin?

What Hair Types Is Keratin Treatment For?

Keratin is a kind of protein that is found in several human body parts, such as hair, skin, nails, and some of the internal organs. According to research, 95% of human hair is made up of keratin. With time, multiple environmental factors such as sun exposure, heat-styling, improper diet, unhealthy hair care routine, and chemical treatments can lead the keratin to bleed out of the hair, leaving it weak, vulnerable, and prone to damage and breakage. That’s where a keratin treatment comes from. This treatment is accepted by all kinds of hair and works wonders on dry, damaged hair. Let’s see how many hair care problems a keratin treatment can cater to:

What Hair Types Is Keratin Treatment For?

Keratin Treatment: A Solution To Your Hair Troubles
  1. Frizzy Hair 

There’s a reason this treatment is called “Smoothing Treatment” or “Taming Treatment”. The powerful blend of keratin with other smoothing agents works to tame or smooth out your hair and eliminates frizz and flyaways instantly.  

  1. Dry Hair

Dryness is the root cause of almost half of the hair care problems. Since keratin has hydrating properties, this treatment works magically on dry hair, adding moisture and hydration to it and leaving it nourished and silky smooth. 

  1. Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is a big bummer for a good-look day. No matter what you do, this damage just doesn’t hide. Since the main reason for the damage is the loss of keratin protein from your hair, a keratin treatment fills in the gaps in hair cuticles and makes up for the lost keratin, undoing the damage and leaving hair with a healthier look and feel. 

  1. Hard-to-Manage Hair

Some hair types are prone to tangles and frizz and are hard to manage on an everyday basis. Some days, you just don’t have the time, or energy, to spend half-an-hour on just detangling your strands, let alone the styling. A keratin treatment comes in handy in this regard. It keeps your hair smooth and manageable for a significant period of time, and your styling time is immediately cut in half. 

  1. Curly Hair  

The 21st century is all about embracing the real you – yet many people who have a tough schedule find it hard to deal with their high-maintenance curls every day. One of the perks of keratin treatment is that it loosens the curly pattern of your hair and keeps it sleek and straight for up to 4-6 months. Therefore, it’s very helpful for busy moms and working ladies in keeping their locks low-maintenance, yet beautiful.  

Are Keratin Treatment And Rebonding The Same?

Many people confuse keratin treatment with permanent straightening, which also goes by many names, such as rebonding, xtenso, and others. Both are, however, entirely different from one another. The main purpose of keratin treatment is restoring hair health. A rebonding treatment is solely for altering the hair texture from wavy/curly/kinky to dead straight. Keratin works by sealing the cuticle gaps that let the moisture bleed out of hair, and keeping it moisturized. A rebonding treatment, on the other hand, breaks the hair bond to change the texture of hair and rebonds again to maintain a sleeker, straighter look. A keratin treatment isn’t harmful for your hair, given that its key purpose is to keep your hair healthy. Rebonding might be potential damage to your hair since the process of bond-breaking leaves the hair weak and vulnerable. Therefore, before you go for a keratin treatment, always know what you’re looking for.

There are countless professional keratin treatments in the market marked by different brands. Hence, it is hard to pick the right one for you. Need a tip? Always look for the ingredients. Make sure that the treatment that you pick is formaldehyde-free, and contains natural ingredients so that you don’t face hair damage in the longer run. A quick suggestion: If you’re looking for a treatment that delivers exceptional results at-home without the need to run towards a salon, go for GK Hair The Best Treatment. This is a professional keratin treatment specially formulated for dry, damaged, and unmanageable hair. The Best Treatment is infused with Juvexin, an advanced keratin anti-aging protein blend that is optimized to restore your hair to its natural youthfulness, and Natural Plant Extracts, that maintain the natural moisture of your hair. The Best Keratin Treatment is ideal for the people who want to have more manageable hair. It reduces the curl pattern, and softens your hair, making it easier to manage. Since The Best Treatment revamps the texture and overall health of your hair, you don’t feel the need to heat-style your hair every day. Hence, your hair health stays intact. 

The Best Keratin Treatment Kit:

The Best Keratin Treatment Kit: Your Doorway to Healthy Hair

For your ease, GK Hair has a complete keratin smoothing treatment kit featuring: 

  1.  pH+ Shampoo 
  2. The Best Treatment 
  3. Moisturizing Shampoo Color Protection 
  4. Moisturizing Conditioner Color Protection 
  5. Deep Conditioner 

The process of using The Best Treatment Kit follows as such: 

  1. Wash your hair with GK Hair pH+ Shampoo, leave it on for 2-3 minutes, rinse, and then repeat. This will open up your hair cuticles and cleanse off all the buildup and sebum.  
  2. Section your hair into thin parts of ½ inch starting at the nape of your neck and apply The Best Keratin Treatment  ¼ inch away from the roots. After you’re done with the application, comb through the hair to evenly spread the product. Make sure the product does not touch the roots while combing. Be gentle with your hair and slowly comb through so that your hair doesn’t pull off. 
  3. After you’re done combing, let the treatment process and sit for 40-60 minutes. If your hair is fine or wavy, leave on the product for 40 minutes, If your hair is curly, coarse, and thick, let it sit for 60 minutes. Cover your hair with a plastic cap. You can do your pending tasks or do a fun activity meanwhile.
  4. Rinse out all of the product with warm water. To make sure no product is left onto hair, wash it until the water runs clear.
  5. Once the product is washed out, blow-dry your hair straight with enough tension on high-temperature. Make sure the hair is 100% dry before moving to the next process.
  6. Section the hair and flat iron at 400°F to seal the cuticles. If the hair is damaged or overprocessed, keep the temperature at 350-375 degrees.

How Do I Take Care Of My Hair After The Treatment?

Don't Forget To Care For Your Hair

The Best Treatment can last up to 5 months or longer, depending on your aftercare. That’s where the Moisturizing Duo and Deep Conditioner from the kit come in handy. Taming treatments need proper maintenance with a recommended hair care routine. To make sure your smooth, tamed hair lasts as long as it can, wash your hair with Moisturizing Shampoo followed by Moisturizing Conditioner. This Duo comes from the line of taming treatments and complements your hair treatment. Also, use a Deep Conditioner once every week to prolong the softness and silkiness of the keratin treatment. To help you out further, we’ve rounded up some extra tips to take care of your treatment: 

  1. Go Sulphate-Free: Harsh chemicals are a big no after you get a taming treatment. Throw away your old shampoo and conditioners, and make sure your new products contain no sulfates or parabens, such as GK Hair Moisturizing Duo. 
  2. Don’t Overwash: Washing everyday can really mess with your treatment, and all the glamor of smooth, silky tresses will be lost. Therefore, keep your washes somewhere between once to twice a week. 
  3. Silk Pillowcase: Throw away your ordinary pillowcase and switch it with satin or silk. A silk pillowcase can prevent split-ends; hence, healthy hair. 
  4. Avoid Chemical Treatments: Due to higher pH, chemical treatment can open up hair cuticles, causing the treatment to bleed out. Therefore, say no to chemical treatments after a keratin treatment.

We hope this blog was helpful to you. Make sure to follow us and visit our website for more tips and hair advice. 


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