When it comes to hair removal methods, electrolysis and laser hair removal are two of the most prominent options available to consider. People who are looking for a long-term hair removal method often get confused in between these two options. That’s because they are not too sure about what method to pick and proceed.

Electrolysis vs laser hair removal. What is the difference and what is better?

Both electrolysis and laser hair removal work by targeting hair follicles, which are located under the surface of your skin. They are controlling the overall ability that your body has to grow new hair.

From a research that was conducted by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, it was identified that the popularity of laser hair removal is increasing along with time. In other words, the number of people who went with laser hair removal has increased by around 30% when compared to 2013. Electrolysis has also received a lot of attention, but the growth is not as similar to laser hair removal.

Let’s do a head-on head comparison in between the two hair removal methods and get a better understanding on what can deliver the best possible results to you.

Understanding laser hair removal

To begin with, let’s deep dive and explore laser hair removal. In laser hair removal, mild radiation is used through high heated lasers. The main objective of this beam of laser is to damage the hair follicles. The damage is strong enough to slow down the growth of hair.

How to perform laser hair removal on your legs

You will be able to get laser hair removal done on any given part of your body. If you want to remove hair around your eye or on any other part of the face, you are strongly encouraged to take a look at it. The results delivered by laser hair removal are instant and it is not linked with any recovery time. Therefore, you can get back to your day to day procedures immediately after the treatment.

After the laser hair removal method, you can expect new hairs to grow. However, they will be lighter and finer in appearance than what you had. In other words, you can make sure that the regrowth of hair is not as heavy as it used to be. If you have a lighter skin with dark-colored hair, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead with this method as it can deliver outstanding results.

Laser hair removal is associated with mild side effects as well. You should also keep them in your mind at the time of going for it. Some of the mild side effects that people have to experience after laser hair removal include swelling, inflammation, blisters, irritation, and redness. However, these side effects will go away after some time.

Laser hair removal image

You should also be mindful about the cost factor associated with laser hair removal before you try it. It is identified as an optional cosmetic procedure. Therefore, you will not be able to claim the cost from your insurance policy. The overall expense you have to bear would depend on the total number of treatments that you have to go through. Therefore, it is better if you can get in touch with your dermatologist and come up with a proper payment plan.

Understanding electrolysis

As you already know, electrolysis is another prominent hair removal method available for people in today’s world to consider about. It can also disrupt the growth of hair and assist you to get the results you want.

At the time of electrolysis, an epilator device will be inserted into your skin. It is using short wave radio frequencies. These radio frequencies can stop your hair from growing. In addition to that, it can lead existing hair to fall out as well. Similar to laser hair removal, the electrolysis method cannot deliver perfect results to you at the very first attempt. You will need to go through multiple treatments to get the best possible results offered by it.

Legs after using a laser hair treatment at home.

One of the main benefits linked with electrolysis method is that it can deliver permanent results. In other words, it can inhibit the growth of hair in all skin types. No matter whether you have light or dark hair, you can receive outstanding results with this method. On the other hand, the electrolysis method can be used to remove hair in all parts of your body as well. You will even be able to control hair in your eyebrows with the help of this method.

The electrolysis method comes with mild side effects as well. However, these side effects will not last more than a day. Some of the most common side effects linked with electrolysis include skin irritation and redness in the skin. Only a few people will get swelling and pain as a result of this treatment method. However, you will also be exposed to the risk of getting a scar as a needle is used in this method.

The electrolysis hair removal method is not covered with insurance. In most of the instances, the doctors will charge you an hourly rate. The expenses would reduce with each visit. However, you will have to go for a higher number of sessions than laser hair removal. In other words, there is a time commitment that you should adhere to when you are following this hair removal method.

The electrolysis hair removal method

What’s the best?

Now you have a clear understanding about electrolysis and laser hair removal. Both of these methods are in a position to deliver long-lasting results. However, electrolysis is the best method out of these two because it can deliver better results. Moreover, people with all types of skins and hair types will be able to receive positive results out of electrolysis. According to dermatologists, the electrolysis method is linked with a fewer number of side effects and risks as well. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to go forward with maintenance treatments, which can help you stay away from long term frustration.

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