You deserve the best quality hair care that money can buy. Whether you’re looking for a simple trim, or you want the full color, cut and style approach, you’ll find nothing better to help you out than the Davine Hair Salon in Vancouver. A modern approach to hair care that focuses on all of the different facets that you consider to be important, this salon has a lot more to it than what meets the eye — in the best possible way!

Davine Hair Salon Vancouver

An all natural hair care brand

We offer the best products that will be offered at our shop for any customer who wants to invest in them. Davines products are sustainable, natural, eco-friendly, and entirely focused on using the best natural ingredients to give your hair the priority treatment. Changing one step changes all of the next ones, too.

  • Natural ingredients mean natural care: All of Davines products focus on both sustainable and natural ingredients. From shampoos to styling aids to conditioners to oils, they’re all focused on natural ingredients from one listed item to the next. This means that you’re going to be relying on all-natural products to help you focus on what your hair needs.
  • Natural care means better care: Natural ingredients make for better care of hair, that’s the simple product. Since man-made chemicals rely on intervention, additives, and preservatives, you are saturating your hair with all of that, too. This will bog down your hair from the root, outward, and can even weaken it over time. Natural products will infuse your hair with help and cleansing that it understands and craves, instead.
  • Better care means better hair: The better you are able to care for your hair, using natural and helpful ingredients and materials, the better and healthier your hair is going to be at the end of your day. It’ll be stronger, shinier, more resistant to breakage, and just feel better overall!

High end care

You deserve to trust your money and your support — and hair health — to professional stylists that really do put your interests first. At Davine Hair Salon in Vancouver, you’ll find no other local professionals that put as much focus on proper natural ingredients and applying them to our salon and our clients. All high-end examples of hair care and eco-friendly at the same time, you’ll be supporting a salon that cares about the exact same things that you do!

The reality is that Davine is here to give you, the customer, what you want. We understand that you care about the environment and your impact on the world around you. So, we care about it too and use that to focus our products and styling procedures, both, to make for a more sustainably tailored appointment.

As strange as it may seem to focus on eco-friendly, high-end hair care products when choosing your salon, all it takes is one session at Davine Hair Salon Vancouver for you to see and feel the difference that it makes for you.


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