See The Evolution Of Korean Beauty Over The Last 100 Years
See The Evolution Of Korean Beauty Over The Last 100 Years. (Photo: Cut Video/YouTube).

Cut have released a new video with shows the evolution of Korean beauty over the past 100 years from 1910 to 2010.

It is a new week, so it is the perfect time for a new beauty evolution video from the brilliant people at Cut. If you haven’t been following the series, Cut have released a few one-minute videos which show how beauty trends have changed for different ethnicities over the past 100 years. They’ve released videos about white, black, and Iranian beauty, as well as one that compares the beauty evolution of white and black women. Their latest video focuses on Korean beauty and how it has changed from 1910 to the 2010s. If you aren’t yet obsessed with Korean beauty products, this video will make you want to find out more about them.

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The video shows how hairstyles changed a lot from decade to decade. The 1910s shows an opulent updo; then, in the 1920s, the model is wearing the iconic Marcel waves of the decade. In the later decades, the video shows the varying hairstyles and makeup looks between North and South Korea and how politics affected fashion and beauty looks. Take a look:

The hairstyles and eye and lip colors may change from decade to decade, but one thing that remains is flawless skin. In all of the looks, the model has luminous skin that looks like she just had a really, really good facial. Watch the video, and you will get a strong urge to stock up on some new Korean skincare products.

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