Considerations When Choosing a New Hairstyle

A primary focus when choosing or establishing a hairstyle is its appeal and ease of management. The average cost an American woman spends on her hair each month is roughly $300. Also, your hair is generally the first thing someone notices about you.

In time, you’ll grow increasingly bored with your current cut and begin to ponder a change. For some, the craving for change comes drastically, and it can take months to decide for others. Here are some considerations when choosing a new hairstyle that everyone could benefit from.

Lifestyle Factors

All too often, many people spend countless hours and several days researching hairstyle trends and color designs to see what will suit them best. But the one thing they don’t necessarily think about is how it’ll mesh with their lifestyle. This matters if you’re often in a rush or have little spare time.

It’s easier to cater your hair to your life than to change your habits to your hair. Rather than going for a style that requires a lot of upkeep, opt for something that you can commit to that will complement your time.

Face Shape

Your face shape plays a significant role in how you should frame your face with your hair. Aside from lifestyle, a top consideration when choosing a new hairstyle is knowing which face shape you have and how to work with it, not against it.

There are round, square, oval, and heart-shaped faces. Also, there are pronounced jawlines and cheekbones. All these factors create your shape and contribute to how well your hair will fall next to your face. Many stylists will agree that an oval shape is the most versatile for hairstyles.

Hair Texture

Texture and depth are also deciding factors in the overall cut. There is curly, thin, fine, coarse, and straight hair. For some, it might be best to consider the different types of hair extensions to achieve the overall hairstyle you desire. And for others, thinning or tapering can highlight the layers and bring out your face shape more.

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