Tools That Every Barber Needs to Have

If you are an aspiring barber, and you want to learn about the tools that every barber must own, you have come to the right place. Cutting hair depends upon the choice and quality of tools as much as it depends upon the right technique, and you cannot work with just one of these.

Knowing what the tools that a barber needs the most are and how to use these, you can complete your haircuts in the safest and finest way possible. It ensures your customer satisfaction and is good for business in general.

Following are some of the most essential tools that every barber must possess.

1. Straight bladed Razor

Straight blade Razor

Both these tools have been used by barbers around the world for centuries. The straight-bladed scissors are small but sharp and allow you to trim beard hair, mustache, and hair in general. It works especially well for cutting bangs that are around your ear.

The straight-bladed razor is mostly used for shaving your facial hair, clearing your neckline, and giving a finishing touch to your haircuts which makes things look more even. These razors must be used carefully and after practice since they run the risk of making cuts if used without proper training.

2. Hair Comb

Hair Comb

Barber combs are different than the ones we usually see at home and they also come in a great variety. each comb is used for a specific purpose.

For example, pick combs to help target specific hair and help cut and shape them, teasing comb helps you to work better on thin-haired customers, Wide-tooth comb has larger gaps and work to untangle the hair before you start cutting.

Some other useful types of combs are rat tail comb, rake comb, fine-tooth comb, or Japanese scissors for hair cutting, etc. Owning more than one type of barber combs prepares you for any kind of haircut at a moment’s notice.

3. Towel

Barber Towel

This is probably one of the most important tools that you must possess if you want your customers to visit you for the second time. Using a towel while shaving and haircutting, in general, has many advantages.

First, it prevents the hair you have cut from falling on or inside of the clothes of your customers. The towel also helps clean the shaved areas in the best way possible. Wiping with a towel softens your skin and prevents irritation as well.

A towel covers your customer completely and eliminates the chances of water, shaving cream, or remove hair, messing up their clothes and it shows that you are a professional.

4. Hair Clipper and Trimmer

Hair Clipper and Trimmer

This electrical tool has completely changed the barber methods and has made things a lot easier, quicker, and better. No matter how long or short you want your hair to be you can describe it to your barber and he can use the suitable clipper to cut your hair the way you want him/her to.

This method consumes very little of your time and generates the most satisfactory results. Another thing that is related to this is a hair trimmer which is also an electric device which is used to trim beard hair, mustache and helps in creating clean lines that make your hair look consistent.

A trimmer is usually used after removing bulk hair using a clipper. We recommend you check out Panasonic ES LV81 Electric Dry Shaver review – stanstips when looking for eh best hair trimmer and clipper product for yourself.

5. A Duster or Brush for Cleaning

Brush for Cleaning For Barbers

A clean duster or brush is also important if you do not want your customers to feel itchy and irritated after the haircut especially around the neck region. A brush is best for cleaning stray hair from the face and neck and in fact, it is much more effective than rubbing a towel and also feels more soothing.

Make sure to clean the duster brush thoroughly once you are done with one customer, it shows that you are disciplined and that customer care is your top priority.

Final Words

All the accessories that we have discussed above can be found in any top hair salon, or barbershop and that is why we suggest you consider having these at your business to avoid any unfortunate events.

Customers usually tend to feel more at home if they realize that the barber knows what he is doing and offering the right tools shows you have the right knowledge and skill to give the best haircut possible.

We hope this information proves helpful to you in determining which barber tools you are missing and you need to buy them as soon as possible and we wish you the best of luck in your journey as a professional barber.

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