Tampines is situated in the east of Singapore, one of the vast housing estates on this island country.

The Best Facial in Tampines

There are 2 MRT stations and three shopping malls; Tampines 1, Tampines Mall, and Century Square. It is a bustling center with shoppers thronging the malls for daily necessities, fashion, and lifestyle needs. Few would have known that that best facial in Tampines is a little off the central action.

Casa Beauty-Tampines is situated in Tampines street 44, nestled within the Singapore Housing Estate area. They have recently moved to a new premise within the same block, newly renovated with minimalist chic.

The Casa Beauty-Tampines team is led by two key facial therapists, Rebecca and Emily, from one of Singapore’s most reputable spa chains. Both of them adds up to 50 years of experience in the beauty field. They have served in Tampines since 2003 and enjoyed working in the friendly neighborhood compared to the high-end town area. Some clients followed them for many years, and their appointments are always booked to the brim.

So what exactly makes them the best facial in Tampines?

Excellent Products and Machines

Casa Beauty Tampines uses only quality skincare products from Europe. MARIA GALLAND, JYUNKA, and INSPIRA are reputable professional brands. They believe the right skincare products make all the difference to the results. Their in-house IPL, Iontoperosis, Cryo, and light therapy machines are the same brand as the products to ensure compatibility with the products.

Experienced Therapists

Experienced Therapists Tampines

Apart from Rebecca and Emily, the staff at Casa Beauty Tampines are strictly trained by them, and they have a set of protocols to ensure that every client gets the same quality service. With a detailed understanding of facial muscles and meridian points, their Chinese Gua sha and jadeite facial has always been immensely popular. A junior therapist at Casa Beauty Tampines needs to train three months before serving their first client.

Relaxing massage

All the therapists at Casa beauty Tampines have this inane ability to put you into a relaxed state the minute their hands touch your face. The strokes are firm yet soft; the massage moves are executed with gentle ‘inner force’ that can put you into a blissful state within the first three minutes.

Facial in Tampines: Experienced Therapists

Painless Extractions 

 Are you an acne sufferer that experienced much pain when an inexperienced therapist prick your sores so hard that you want to jump off the bed and run? At Casa Beauty Tampines, their extractions of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads are so gentle that it is almost painless. They are also meticulously about skin tag removal. Their pimple and acne recovery success cases are very high, with many acne cases flocking to them.

Cosy Environment

Casa Beauty Tampines dresses their cabin rooms with ultra-comfy beds and lush covers, with a thousand thread count sheets. All the rooms are also sanitized after each use, with tools UV sanitized. Even the facial gowns are of high-grade silk and satin. The salon is equipped with private washroom and shower facilities.

Mutual respect and Business ethics

Casa Beauty-Tampines practices a transparent pricing policy. All pricing is clearly stated on their website with no hidden cost. It is a standard offering to any new client to get 50% off their first treatment. Hard selling has given the beauty trade a bad name; Casa Beauty-Tampines avoids hard selling at all costs. They give professional consultation and explanations about their products and services. What keeps clients close to them is their professional attitude, excellent handiwork, and honest business ethics.

Mutual respect and Business ethics

So, where is the best facial Tampines situated?

Casa Beauty-Tampines

477 Tampines Street 43

#01-162 Singapore

Singapore 520477

Email: casabeautytampines@gmail.com

Tel: 65874889

WhatsApp : +6596471119

 Website URL: www.casabeautytampines.com

Casa Beauty Tampines has been serving the facial beauty needs of Tampines in Singapore since 2003. We offer affordable facial treatments with Maria Galland, JYUNKA, and Inspira Med. Experienced qualified beauticians, painless acne extractions, Blackhead removal. Acne and acne scar treatment, detailed free brow trimming service with our facials. We also provide. skin tag and hair removal services 


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  1. A really good facial clears out your pores and tightens your skin. This reduces wrinkles, and often removes them completely, making you look much younger in the process.

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