Beauty Tips for Everyone in the Wedding Party

Your wedding day is quite possibly the most important and happiest day in your life. It is the day everyone in your social circles wants to take photos with you. It is the only day in your life that everyone will bend backward to see you happy. It is also the day when you want everything to be perfect- from the food, venue setup, décor, to the music! Most importantly, your wedding day is the day you want to be unique and original, especially with regard to your dress, makeup, and party décor. You must look beautiful, stunning, fresh, and perfect in your unique way. This article seeks to help you achieve exactly that by sharing important beauty tips for you, your spouse, your bridesmaids, and everyone in your bridal party.

1. Bridal Makeup Tips

Everyone will be looking at your face. Your “wedding face” will be staring at you in photographs for the rest of your life. So, as far as your wedding makeup goes, you cannot afford to make any blunders. You will avoid most makeup mishaps by:

  • Having multiple makeup trials with different makeup artists before the actual wedding day. Try different looks &products, experiment with different ideas, and put every artist’s expertise to test. That’s how you avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  • Understanding your skin tone and matching your foundation with it. Go for the perfect match. The last thing you want is for your face to look totally different from your hands and neck.
  • Being deliberate about hydration. Drink lots of water between now and the wedding for a healthier, naturally moisturized, and smooth skin.
  • Being mindful of the season when choosing your foundation. If you are planning an outdoor summer wedding, for example, you don’t want a foundation that gets shiny within minutes of exposure to the sun. You probably will need an anti-shine water-resistant primer for such a wedding. On the other hand, you don’t want a foundation that looks too dry or flat for a winter wedding. You probably will need a fuller coverage foundation for a winter wedding.
  • Opting for waterproof eye makeup (mascara and eyeliner) in case you shed a few tears when saying your vows.
  • Going for a “natural lip”. Choose a lipstick that, among other things, gives you a natural lip color, will stay all day, and that is not too traditional- not too brown and not too pink.
  • Trying out and getting used to your wedding-day eyelashes before the big day. Ensure that the lashes you wear for the wedding are perfectly comfortable.
  • Whitening your teeth between now and the big day. You want your pearly whites white teeth to pop in every smile, in every photo.
  • Keeping a touch-up kit on hand during the wedding. You will need some blotting sheets just in case your skin gets oily, some lipstick, a pressed powder, a mirror, and any other beauty essentials you may find useful.
  • Booking a virtual appointment for the wedding day. You might need the opinion or guidance of a beauty professional on the big day.

2. Tips for a Perfect Wedding-Day Manicure

Your face is the part of your body that most people will see but your hands, especially your sparkly new rock, are where most people will be striving to lay their eyes. This underscores the importance of getting your manicure game right. Start your nail care as early as now. Consult widely and experiment with different nail art options. Avoid biting and chewing your nails. Eat lots of veggies and fruits to help your nails to grow healthy and strong. There is more:

  • Find your preferred shape as early as now. As a rule of thumb, your cuticle line and nail bed should determine the shape of your wedding nails. For a rectangular nail bed, for example, try a rectangular/square shape. For a round nail bed, try an oval tip.
  • Be deliberate with your cuticle care. Many people prefer to cut them, but that can cause unwanted infections. It would be better to push the nail bed back using a cuticle pusher.
  • Try matching your shade with your skin color and/or the natural color of your nails for a clean, personable look. Another magnificent idea would be to match your nail art with your wedding’s flowers/overall décor.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize your hands every day from now to make them soft and ready for the big day.
  • Just like with the makeup touch-up kit, have an emergency cosmetics kit at hand just in case of any mishaps. Have some cuticle oil, polish remover, a nail file, cotton pads, instant glue, and nail polish in the emergency kit.

Note: It is important that you work with the best nail technicians in your area, e.g. these technicians at these nail salons in Manchester, for the perfect manicure and pedicure. You cannot afford to play guesswork with your wedding day manicure.

3. Key Wedding Hair Tips and Tricks

Wedding Hair Tips and Tricks

First of all, for the best wedding hair, take your time to scout and experiment with the best hairstylists in your area. That done, be sure to put these tips into consideration:

  • Choose a hairstyle that doesn’t compete with your dress. It is important that your outfit becomes the key talking point of your wedding. Everything else should complement the dress. You should, for example, go with a subtle yet elegant side ponytail if your dress is open at the back. You want a hairdo that allows you to show off the open design, not cover it up.
  • If you can, pick a flexible and versatile hairdo- a style that gives you the freedom to change it up for the reception. You most likely will be changing your dress for the reception (because of all the dancing and stuff like that), so you may want to change the hairstyle as well to go with the reception dress.
  • Hair and weather: Ensure that the hairstyle is good for the weather. For example, an outdoor summer wedding will necessitate a hairdo that doesn’t fall out or get frizzy under hot temperatures.
  • Consider your hair length and volume when picking a hairstyle, it should fit your wedding dress as well.. Don’t insist on a hairstyle you saw on Pinterest that you cannot pull off due to your hair being too short or voluminous enough, for example.
  • Will you be wearing a veil? If yes, go for a low bun hairstyle or any other studry hairdo. If no, a wispy and loose updo will do.
  • As we mentioned, take a hairstyle trial run for every style you pick. That will help you pick the best hairstylist and give you enough time to address any unpleasant surprises ahead of time.
  • Avoid drastic hair changes too close to the wedding. Maybe you saw a beautiful bride with dyed hair, for example, and you now are considering giving it a try. Just don’t.
  • Ensure that the hairstyle you settle for allows your personality- the real you- to shine. When you are happy and comfortable, your beauty radiates from within. You would rather go with a simple, natural hairdo that makes you happy and comfortable than wearing uncomfortable extensions that your stylist thinks would look good on you.
  • Have an emergency hair kit on hand. In it, ensure there is a hairspray, dry shampoo, a hair brush, bobby pins, extra hair ties, and anything else you may find useful.

4. Banish unwanted Body Hair before the Big Day!

Remember to get your facial hair, if any, and the hair on your back professionally removed. Go for the hair-removal option that you are used to in order to avoid any discomfort or skin irritation on the big day.

5. Beauty Tips for the Groom and the Groomsmen

Lastly, for the groom and the groomsmen, you have to look your best on your big day. Be sure to, among other things:

  • Get a trim a few days before the wedding to give yourself some leeway for necessary tweaks, if any, and to allow your hair to relax a bit.
  • Seek out the services of the best barbers in a high-end barbershop. If you have to pay more than normal to get the best possible wedding haircut, so be it! Tell the barber about the wedding and ask him to pay extra attention to detail.
  • Avoid trendy hairstyles that don’t feel natural to you. If you like your hair long, for example, you can bet nobody wants a “cleaner cut” version of yourself.
  • Groom your beard in the best possible way. Go for a neck shave and sideburn touchup while at it.
  • Cut your nails to your comfort.
  • Hydrate your hands using a natural hand cream or lotion for a soft and smooth feel.
  • Use a nail filer to fill the edges of your nails for a smooth and neat-looking shape.
  • Moisturize your face and neck to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated.

Final word

The key takeaway is to work on your wedding day look as early as now. Waiting to get started on your wedding day or a few days before the big day can add a lot of pressure to an already high-pressure situation. There’s a lot to consider, but this guide will definitely get you started.

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