One’s hair is their crowning glory, creating all that emphasis of making it look and feel its best. In an ideal world, everyone would have the best mane, but in reality, individuals suffer from different hair woes. If thinning hair is your problem, you should include a hair growth serum in your haircare regimen. As with facial serums, a hair growth serum can do wonders for your hair. If you find a good one, it’ll provide your hair with far more comprehensive treatment than you would get from traditional hair products.

The greatest hair growth serum has the potential to change your life, but only if you use it properly. You don’t need to be an expert on hair care, but you should at least know the fundamentals.

Here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know to get started with a hair growth serum right now. 

Combine The Hair Growth Serum With Suitable Products

Read the labels to get the most out of your hair growth serum. Choose a shampoo and conditioner with the same active ingredients as your serum. It’s worth noting that copper peptides for hair shouldn’t be missed, among other active ingredients.

Consistency in your hair care routine ensures that each product, especially the hair growth serum, complements the other ingredients rather than having elements that counteract one another.

Consider Leaving It On Overnight

If you have a go-to hair stylist, you may want to ask them for insights about when it’s best to use a hair growth serum. Some prefer it in the morning, right before you style your hair, while others prefer at night to leave it on as you sleep. 

The latter option often works out to be the best, as you’ll be able to grant the hair growth serum uninterrupted time to ‘settle’ down and penetrate your scalp. 

Since most hair growth serums are often formulated to be fast-absorbing and lightweight, you can skip washing your hair the next day. There’s no need to worry about any sticky or unsightly residue build-up. In essence, hair growth serums are designed to be left on the hair rather than washed off, as this would remove the protective layer the serum is meant to provide. 

Apply On Freshly-Cleaned Hair

Regardless of when you prefer to apply the hair growth serum on your hair, you should follow one general rule: always apply the serum on freshly-cleaned hair.  

Although its name implies otherwise, a hair growth serum’s intended use isn’t limited to promoting hair growth. In addition, it serves as a pollution barrier for your hair. So, you should only apply the serum to clean, damp hair. This is how the serum can help give your hair an extra layer of protection. 

Apply On Freshly-Cleaned Hair

Never Overapply

As with all other hair and skin care products, excessive use will not improve their effectiveness. Instead of allowing you to reap positive results, excessive application of serum has only adverse effects on your hair. 

Keep in mind that hair growth serum isn’t meant to be over-applied. Otherwise, it’ll cause your hair to go greasy and flat. Start only with a small amount, so you can adjust and add more only as necessary. 

Practice Proper Application

Since serums are pretty oily, you’ll want to avoid applying them directly on the scalp. Instead, start on the middle of your hair and slowly work your way down to the tips. Spread the product gently and evenly using your hands or a wide-toothed comb, depending on your preference. 

Don’t rush this step, as you’ll have to treat your hair patiently. Don’t pull your strands too much, as doing so may damage them even more. Once the serum is evenly spread, you can proceed with your usual daytime or nighttime hair routine. 

Warm Up The Serum With Your Palm

Most serums have a thick consistency, so applying it directly to your hair may not be advisable. If you do, it’ll be hard to use the hair growth serum on your hair as evenly as possible.  

Drop a small amount of serum onto your palm and rub it together to warm it up. In doing so, you’ll have more room to spread the hair growth serum on your hair evenly. 

Wrapping Up

Hair growth serums can benefit your locks in more ways than one. Those starting to feel conscious about their hair’s growth can give it that much-needed boost with a quality serum. Now that you know which would work best with your hair, you can learn how to put it to good use. Proper application of hair growth serum is essential for achieving optimal results. Thanks to your tried-and-true hair growth serum, you can finally achieve the salon-worthy mane of your dreams. 



  1. Thanks for the reminder that overapplying can be problematic when using a hair growth serum. There are parts on my scalp where my hair is noticeably thinner. I want to fix that issue as soon as possible before it’s too late.

    • Iskra Banović on

      Hi there! I’m glad you found the information on overusing hair growth serums helpful. It’s important to be patient and use the product as directed to avoid any potential issues.

      If you’re experiencing noticeably thinner hair in certain areas of your scalp, it’s best to consult a dermatologist or a trichologist to help determine the underlying cause. They can recommend the appropriate treatment or hair growth serum based on your specific needs and concerns.

      When using a hair growth serum, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Typically, this involves applying a small amount of the serum directly to the affected areas and massaging it gently into the scalp. Consistency is key, so apply the serum regularly, as instructed.

      Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good hair care habits can help support healthy hair growth. This includes eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, managing stress, and being gentle with your hair during styling and washing.

      Remember that hair growth takes time and might take several months to see noticeable improvements. Stay consistent and patient, and consult with a professional if you have any concerns or questions.

      Best of luck on your hair growth journey!

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