Every one of us faces some sort of battle with our hair.

Straight hair, frizzy hair, dry hair. Even our scalps are different – some have dry scalps, and some have sensitive scalps for example.

Which is why it is important to use the right type of shampoo. For instance, if you have dry hair a shampoo that is good for oily hair would not be suitable, while if you have curly hair you would not want to use one that is better equipped for straight hair.

Read on to learn which type of shampoo is best for you.

Regular shampoo

Your hair might not have any specific needs, and if that applies to you then a standard daily shampoo is fine. They have a lower percentage of cleansing agents and can be used on any type of hair.

Clarifying shampoo

If you regularly use hair spray or creams it can cause a build-up of residue. Clarifying shampoos use a high amount of sodium lauryl sulphate to remove that build-up. It is best used for an oily and greasy scalp or people who like to use a lot of products. You should only use these types of shampoos once a fortnight, though, as clarifying shampoo has a drying effect. You should also use a conditioner after.

Protein shampoo

Keratin and hair growth supplements are vital when it comes to hair structure as losing protein can lead to damaged hair, which is rough and very fragile. Protein shampoos use hydrolysed keratin or plant proteins, which help to strengthen damaged hair and give it a shiny look.

Volumising shampoo

If you have fine, thin, and/or limp hair then you will want to try a volumising shampoo, which has a lighter formula so as not to weigh the hair down. They lift roots to give hair a bouncy and thicker look.


For those of you who dye your hair, then to keep your coloured hair moisturised, protected, and hydrated you will want to use a colour-safe shampoo, which use ingredients to not fade the dye. They are fine to use on all hair types.


Moisturising shampoo is ideal for those who have dry and frizzy hair. They use a high percentage of moisturising ingredients such as aloe vera, oils, shea, or cocoa butter. They also use silicones that moisturise the hair and help to stop it dehydrating.


These types of shampoos do not use artificial preservatives such as parabens nor do they include harsher ingredients such as sulphates or alcohol. Instead, organic shampoos use plant-based ingredients and are particularly useful for those with a sensitive scalp.

Dry Shampoo

A mainstay for festival goers or keen campers, dry shampoos are ideal for use between washes and can be available in liquid, powder, and aerosol spray forms. They absorb grease and oil, allowing you to comb your hair how you want it.


Without proper hair care, you might be missing out on natural waves and curls, as your hair can be dry and frizzy. Curl-defining shampoos use amino acids and hydrolysed proteins to hydrate and moisturise the hair, which helps to define your curls.

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