Sunscreen: We all absolutely totally need to be wearing it all the time, even in the winter and the rain, and when we’re in the car, or the basement, or sleeping under our desk at the office under a big pile of comforters. Basically, aging sucks, and protecting skin from the sun is the main thing dermatologists recommend to prevent the signs of aging for as long as possible. But there are a lot of sunscreens out there.

Eucerin’s Daily Protection Moisturizer

Eucerin’s Daily Protection Moisturizer
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I have very dry skin, and Eucerin’s Daily Protection Moisturizer is creamy but not too sticky and never causes me to break out. It’s also affordable and in drug stores, which is good.

Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion

Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion
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Dita Von Teese has said she uses Shiseido’s sunscreen, and we all know how much she avoids the sun. It’s way expensive, though.

Bioderma Max Creme SPF 50+

Bioderma Max Creme SPF 50+
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This is the one I’m using at the moment. It has super-high sun protection for both UVA and UVB, so I like to pretend I’m running around as protected as Leonardo Dicaprio in The Man in the Iron Mask. It leaves a chalky residue around the neck and cuffs of my coat, but honestly, I’d rather just pay for dry cleaning than worry about running around being desiccated by the sun’s hateful UVA rays.

A person is theoretically supposed to wear sunscreen all year long, but that doesn’t mean we have to wear the same sunscreen in the summer as in the winter. When the air is dry and cold, and there isn’t a lot of sun, we might want a heavy, moisturizing sunblock that protects against wind. It’s getting into spring and summer now, so a lot of us are switching our heavy, moisture-locking, lower-SPF sunscreens for summer-ready high-SPF formulas that won’t sweat away. What do you guys use for every day? And does anybody know a good lip sunscreen? Let us know in the comments.

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