Does Washing Your Face With Carbonated Water Make a Difference?

We spend a lot of time debating about what are the best formulas to put on our faces when it comes to cleansers, masks, and serums. However, we do not often think about the type of water we are splashing our faces with. The most you might think about is whether you should use lukewarm water, cold or hot. What about the kind of water? What about switching your tap water for something a little bit more, well, fancy. Say carbonated mineral water.

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Washing your face with carbonated mineral water might sound like some fancy thing that someone like Marilyn Monroe would have done. The application is actually pretty popular in unofficial skincare capitals Japan and Korea. The benefits of it include washing away dirt and grime, brightening, firming, plumping, and removing dead skin cells. When you think about it, it’s not that different from using a bubble mask.

Before you start pouring a bottle of Perrier over your face, note that you should mix your carbonated water with an equal amount of regular water. And you should stick to the regular one as opposed to the flavored kinds. You can use the mixture to wash your face or you can dunk your head into it for a couple of seconds.

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Note that you shouldn’t switch to using carbonated mineral water every time you wash your face. Think of it more as a treatment. You should try it about once or twice a week at most.

The first time I put the carbonated water hack to the test was with washing my face. I mixed the carbonated mineral water with an equal part of tap water then used it during my regular cleanse. I was expecting the carbonated bubbles to be very noticeable but I didn’t really feel that much. It definitely isn’t like you have popping candy on your face. The feeling is sort of similar to a light foam cleanser or your bubble mask.

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I also tried dunking my face in the water for a couple of seconds. It felt nice but you have to make sure that you do not get any water up to your nose. That will ruin the soothing experience very quickly. Since you need a lot more water to submerge your face as opposed to splashing it, I found it better to mix a water solution then apply it to my face with cotton pads for a few seconds.

All of the different methods of applying the carbonated water to my face didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. After each use, I did notice my face felt quite smooth. It’s difficult to say whether my complexion is brighter or firmer. I like the feel of using the carbonated water so I will continue using it a couple of times a week even if it just makes my skin feel softer. Next up champagne?

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