Few ingredients are as highly recommended by skincare enthusiasts as vitamin C. Many people know that the benefits of vitamin C for the skin are wide-ranging. But why is the product in such high demand? 

What Vitamin C Does for the Body and Beauty

Vitamin C is the most potent antioxidant in human skin. However, because the body has trouble synthesizing this nutrient, eating vitamin C-rich foods might not be as beneficial to the skin. Applying products infused with vitamin C is, therefore, the best way to take it in. Let’s discuss the magic of this vitamin and how you can use it to keep looking younger.

Reduces Undereye Circles

If you notice dark circles under your eyes after a night or two of lack of sleep, they’re a network of blood vessels just beneath your skin. Vitamin C helps reduce and prevent dark circles by strengthening the thin, delicate skin under the eyes. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties increase skin elasticity and resilience, helping to hide underlying blood vessels.

Protects Against Sun Damage

The antioxidants in vitamin C help protect against the damage UV rays can cause. However, that doesn’t mean you can use a vitamin C skin serum instead of sunscreen. Sunscreen absorbs both UVA and UVB rays, while the vitamin does not. Nonetheless, research suggests that the nutrient may help reduce damage when UV rays enter the skin.

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

One study found that the antioxidant properties of vitamin C play an important role in fighting unwanted dark spots and preventing the ill effects of aging and sun exposure. The vitamin also helps in the production of melanin and inhibits the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme that contributes to pigmentation.

Prevents Early Aging

Vitamin C is so acidic that when applied topically, it stimulates and heals the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production. These are natural protein fibers that help plump and firm skin. By increasing the production of collagen, topical vitamin C can help prevent premature skin aging.

Moisturizes the Skin

Without enough moisture, the epidermis begins to dry out, leading to itchy, flaky skin and premature aging. Moisture is key to keeping skin healthy and youthful. Luckily, vitamin C is clinically proven to help skin retain moisture, keep it plump and smooth, and prevent it from becoming oily and dry. Researchers found that people given vitamin C supplements showed significant and lasting improvements in skin hydration, elasticity, and texture.

Brightens the Skin

Vitamin C smooths the skin’s surface, helps lighten hyperpigmentation, and reduces dullness, giving it a youthful glow. Studies show that this nutrient inhibits the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for our skin tone, thus lightening dark spots. It also helps brighten the appearance of the skin.

Reduces Redness and Evens Out Skin Tone

A study showed that vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties due to its antioxidant properties. This means it can soothe the skin and reduce puffiness. The anti-inflammatory effects of the vitamin help neutralize free radicals that cause oxidative damage. The nutrient also optimizes the immune system to prevent inflammatory responses. The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C can help reduce redness, leading to a more even skin tone. Simultaneously, it reduces blemishes, redness, and irritation for a clear, smooth complexion.

The Skincare Journey Doesn’t Stop

Vitamin C is one of the most studied skincare ingredients. When you’re young, this powerful antioxidant is abundant in your skin, but it naturally decreases with age. When buying a vitamin C cream or serum, aim for dark-colored bottles. Vitamin C breaks down with exposure to light and air, so a dark glass bottle helps maintain its potency and stability.

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