The Top Perfume Brands to Try

The seasons are finally changing to warmer, sunnier climates! With each season we switch out our wardrobe to prepare for the upcoming changes, but our clothes aren’t the only things we should be switching out. For each season there are perfumes and fragrances that work best, last longest, and activate according to the weather and environment. As temperatures warm, sweet perfumes like Sweet Ash by Snif are best for complimenting the smells of the season. And while sweet scents remain at the forefront, woodsy earth-based scents also endure. This summer, switch to a perfume that works best for you and the approaching season. Here are some brands to look into trying for your next perfume.

Daisy Dream

A Daisy favorite in the Marc Jacobs Fragrances line, Daisy Dream is a light and playful fragrance that is translucent blue in color. Displaying notes of blackberry and jasmine flower, this eau de toilette first shows up as sweet and flowery. And yet, the addition of white wood keeps this perfume grounded with something from the earth. These two opposites together make for a delightful combination and leave a lasting impression.

Far Away Bali

Avon’s newest perfume aims to transport anyone who smells it to the calming shores of Bali, Indonesia. But how do they do it? For starters, this fragrance gets its sweetness from the tropical scents of salted tuberose and grapefruit and is followed by notes of amber to simulate a breezy night in Bali by the fire. With this to build on, açai, water lily, and honeysuckle bring out even stronger notes that resemble a tropical breeze.

Sparkling Rebel

This Juicy Coutour perfume is one out of four new fragrances belonging to the Oui Juicy Coutour Play collection. Though these perfumes have a reputation for being great fragrances to layer when wearing more than one, Sparkling Rebel stands strong on its own as a leading floral scent. Rose, Muguet, and water lily are the middle notes here, and when combined with a layer of violet leaves, cassis, and pear, these middle notes are activated even more intensely. With so many flowery notes put together, this Eau de perfume is definitely one of the sweeter ways to go.

Replica When The Rain Stops

This perfume by Maison Margiela was created to replicate (hence the name) and enhance the scent of petrichor, also known as that unique fragrance that follows a thunderstorm. To achieve this strong, wet scent, the makers of Replica When The Rain Stops mix notes of pine needles and rose petals to account for sweet scents that come that have an earthy base. This makes for an eau de toilette that lingers and maintains its luster during its wear, even when it’s not wet and rainy outside.

Safron Dusk

Lake & Skye’s newest scent includes combinations that intend to entice and attract. This fragrance incorporates top notes of pepper and saffron to create something that smells tantalizing when put together. This collides with hints of leather, rose, and neroli to even out the aroma’s combination. And to finish things off, a calming layer of sandalwood and vetiver adds a more earthy essence to this Eau de parfume.


Though this Kenneth Cole fragrance is named Blush and is rosy pink in color, this perfume actually leads with hints of orange, pear, and raspberry, making for a vibrant and fruity combination. The Eau de perfume is followed up with some vibrant flowers as well: notes of tuberose, jasmine, and peony. All this is emboldened even more by the patchouli leaf and white musk that come together to create a woodsy base to ground this scent, evening out all of that sweetness with a touch of earth.


Almost entirely all-natural, this perfume by Ralph Lauren Polo is an inviting eau de toilette for the summer. Earth is a fragrance that is noticeably floral but is followed by many earthy middle notes such as sage, lavender, ylang-ylang, Turkish rose, and orange flower. Layered onto these are the grounding scents of mint Piperita, citron, green mandarin, bergamot, petitgrain, and neroli, adding a certain level of distinction to this aroma. But the creators didn’t stop there. To assure this perfume maintains its subtlety, Earth is comprised of the bottom notes of Haitian vetiver, cedarwood, and musk—an intricate balance of floral, earthy, and woodsy aromas.

Finding your signature perfume is much easier when you know which notes work best for you. Maybe you lean more toward sweetness, or perhaps you are the opposite and enjoy a more earthy scent. You may even choose musk over others or something that smells a bit more natural and a little less heavy. No matter which way you lean, discovering which kind of scent suits you for the season will make it much easier to determine your signature perfume.

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