I tested the TONY MOLY Red Cheeks Girl’s Patch to see if they really do help redness facial redness.

There are plenty of different skin care masks on the market to choose from. There are your standard clay masks, charcoal ones, overnight masks, modeling masks, and sheet masks for almost every skincare concern you can think of. If your skin is giving you trouble, there is a mask that can help get things back in order.

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The Korean skincare craze is responsible for the plethora of masks hitting the shelves, and with it comes some interesting products. Take South Korean brand TONY MOLY’s Red Cheek’s Girls Patch, $4. The patches specifically target red cheeks, and unlike your average serial killer-like sheet mask, they look sweet. You could have popped these patches on your cheeks for Halloween if you were a princess or doll in need of some extra rosy cheeks.

Halloween is over, and the harsh winter weather can make a lot of people prone to redness, so I decided to test out the mask to see if it is the “secret to escape girly red cheeks,” as the package claims.

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The description on the TONY MOLY website promises that the no-mesh hydrogel patches will soothe, relieve irritants and provide hydration. They contain aloe leaf extract, cucumber extract, green tea extract, and a Shy Pink complex which is a combination of peach, rose water, cherry blossom, and apricot extracts.

You leave the patches on for 20 to 30 minutes, then peel them off. If there is any extra essence remaining, you can tap it into your skin. Warning: Be careful when you remove the patches from the package. They are coated with essence, so they can easily slip out of your hands, and you don’t want to drop one on your floor or counter.

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As you might have guessed, based on the ingredient list, the patches do have a sweet fruity scent. It is stronger than the Chosungah 22 Wonder Juice but nowhere near as strong as your average body lotion or shower wash.

If you are used to walking around and doing whatever while you’re masking, note that you’re probably going to have to spend 20 to 30 minutes laying down, so the patches don’t fall off your cheeks. Even if you do lay down, they may still migrate off your face, depending on where you’ve placed them. I had to adjust one of my patches after it started slipping down towards my jawbone. You also may find that some excess essence will run off them.

When you’re wearing the patches, and after you take them off, there is a pleasant soothing effect you’ll feel. I even noticed it the next day. They also did decrease the redness in my cheeks, and I noticed the difference when I woke up the following day too.

While the patches are cute, I would have preferred a large shape that follows the counters of your face. I experience redness under my eyes, and it extends across my face to my ears. It definitely isn’t in a perfect circle on the apples of my cheeks, so I would have liked a mask that covered a larger area. It would have helped if they stuck to your face better so you could carry on doing stuff. However, I would still try them again, especially on days when my cheeks need some soothing. The fact that the patches force you to lay down is probably a good thing for most of us because they make you relax, which adds to the masking experience.

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