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How often do you use a face mask? Whenever you are lounging around at home and decide to dig one out from the back of your bathroom cupboard? When you find a new mask at the store, and you want to test it out? A lot of us do not have a consistent mask routine the way we do with cleansers, toners, and night creams. If you do, your masking routine is probably no more than a couple of times a month. However, if you want your masking to make a difference to your complexion, you should be using face masks on a much more frequent basis.

Titan Black is a facial mask that promises tighter pores and a brighter skin tone. Who doesn’t want those benefits? Read on to see what I thought about the mask and if I’d recommend it for those with sensitive skin.

Ryan Dyln Cosmetics explains that this mask is designed to clean and tighten pores. It contains Bamboo Charcoal and Kaolin, which were added to help to remove pore-clogging impurities.

Titan Black – Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask by Ryan Dyln Cosmetics is an excellent example of a natural-based clay mask that will deep clean your skin and leave it smooth and soft.

Titan Black Face Mask Review

Face masks can help deep clean, moisturize, exfoliate, or brighten skin. Different face masks give different results. Here is our review of Titan Black – Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask by Ryan Dyln Cosmetics we’ve used along the way.

The bamboo charcoal in this universally beloved Titan Black facial mask pulls dirt, bacteria, and dead skin from your pores to the surface. The glycerin and sea salt work together to dissolve any remaining impurities. The dead skin cells on your face are whisked away, and your skin is left smooth and soft.

A great acne mask helps sop up oils while diffusing dead skin cells that clog up pores. Titan Black – Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask by Ryan Dyln Cosmetics does just that. Apply during breakouts a couple of times a week and watch as the kaolin, and activated charcoal work to clear up skin.

This Titan Black mask is perfect for maturing skin because it brightens skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. It doesn’t contain any of those horrible ingredients you don’t want on your skin, and it gets rave reviews on the Amazon review site, so I say buy and try.

The Titan Black comes in a 3.5 ounces bottle – is enough for many peels. The product is black in color and has a light, clean scent – definitely not overpowering. At the time of this review, the product retails for $14.99 on Amazon. We are thrilled at the cost, and would gladly pay that much for this product.

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Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask Instructions

The directions on the bottle read, “Apply an even layer to clean and dry skin. Avoid eye area, eyebrows, hairline, and lips. Leave on for 20-minutes or until completely dry. Gently peel off the mask, starting from the outer edges. Rinse off any residue with warm water.” Titan Black – Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask is easy to use and gives very noticeable results.

The 20 minutes is a guideline, not a prescription. The bottle tells you that you might find you have to work your way up to 20 minutes, but I’ll go with how my skin feels. I don’t know that I’ll ever get to 20 minutes.

If you have sensitive skin, be careful when applying it to your face and definitely watch out for your eyes. Do not use it if the skin is already irritated. Also, we’d recommend using this on your face up to three times per week at most.

What Advice Do You Have for Others?

Listen to your body. Titan Black is potent and effective, and you will absolutely see results in the form of smooth, exfoliated skin when you use this product, but go slow and forget about the 20-minute guide. Have a wet washcloth ready and when you feel a tingle, take it off.

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Titan Black Skin Care Recipes

  • Bamboo Charcoal – helps to remove dirt and other micro-particles from the surface of the skin, which helps you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. We use activated Bamboo Charcoal as a mask, which makes it capable of clearing pores from your face and rejuvenating skin. 
  • Sea Silt – Not to be confused with sea salt, sea salt is valuable sediment that forms in estuaries and on the seabed; it is one of the purest natural substances in the world. Sea silt is rich in beneficial ingredients, such as oxygen, purifying clay, trace elements, sulfur, mineral-rich sea salt, and organic components.
  • Kaolin – Kaolin wages war on acne and breakout-prone skin by improving the skin’s balance and decreasing levels of pore-clogging oils, dirt, and toxins. Kaolin can help to control oil production and prevent unwanted shine.

Things We Loved:

  • No Irritations: The mask didn’t cause any irritation to my sensitive skin and didn’t cause any breakouts or other unwanted effects. I also liked how the mask never got hard. Sometimes masks can get so hard that they are almost painful to get off, but that didn’t happen with this clay mask.
  • Doesn’t Interfere With Skincare Regimen: I thought it was great that you could just use the mask and then go on and use your regular skincare products. It’s nice because you don’t feel like you have to “schedule” time to use the product.
  • Doesn’t Over-moisturize: Since my skin isn’t overly dry, I was wondering if this mask would make my skin too greasy, but it didn’t at all. It was really nice to apply this after washing my face because it immediately eliminated that tightness sensation.
  • Nice Spa Feeling: The cool feeling from the mask and reading about all of the minerals, sea silt, glycerin, and other interesting ingredients makes it feel like you are giving yourself a nice treat.
  • Smaller Pores: Our skin felt exfoliated, and our pores looked obviously smaller.
  • The Titan Black does what it says it will do, and it is definitely a product we will keep using because our skin is obviously better for it – after the very first use.

Things We Didn’t Love:

  • The 20 Minute Wait: In today’s world, 20 minutes can seem like a lifetime! We didn’t understand why we had to wait 20 minutes before washing off the mask when it seemed to be completely dry and hard after about only 10 minutes.
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Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this product, and we saw results after one use. My skin was smooth after use, my pores looked smaller, and my skin seemed to be more balanced all over.

Doing a little digging on the company, we like the whole idea behind the line. Their website says it’s an “An interstellar, detoxifying mask infused with activated bamboo charcoal that peels off to reveal a brighter and clearer complexion.” We’re looking forward to checking out more of the line.

Ryan Dyln Cosmetics believes in their product and knows that the products work. It’s always a balance of allowing a new customer to feel good about the single product they purchase – that they will see results from that one product. The Titan Black costs just $14.99on Amazon, so it’s in everyone’s budget, I will also tell you that this product alone works and is valuable on its own. It’s worth the $14.99, and I believe that you will see, as I did, a benefit right from the first use.

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