Australians are no strangers to the ever-changing nature of style and the advancement of new health and beauty products. But one item that has remained a staple of every wannabe bedroom-come-salon from Darwin to Tasmania is the good old-fashioned heated brush. So useful in so many ways. The designs and features may come and go, but the game’s name remains the same: straightening curly hair or vice versa. So let’s take a closer look at this powerhouse tool and how to make the most of its unique strengths.

What do hot brushes do?

Designed to facilitate and simplify styling, the heated brush, brush hair straightener, and rotating hot air brush are all invaluable styling tools, but how to make the most of them?

Using a hot air brush is actually one of the fastest ways to achieve gorgeous curls or waves, with the added bonus of not damaging your hair along the way as other methods can. Here are some simple steps to follow for the best results:

Wash hair with volumizing shampoo/conditioner

Specific volumizing products are a blessing for those with lackluster locks and make life an awful lot easier in the pursuit of curls and volume. Especially useful for those with straight hair, curling becomes significantly easier when prepared in this way beforehand.

  • Tip: Experiment with products to find your perfect match. Some options include:
  • Texturizing spray
  • Volumizing spray
  • Amplifying gel

Distribute your chosen product evenly to your roots while your hair is still wet, allowing it to set while your hair dries.

Let your hair dry naturally

In the busy, hectic world of any modern Australian socialite, time is not always on your side. However, if you can allow your hair to dry by air alone, you are giving it the best chance of staying in good condition for longer. When the hair is around 80% dry, introduce it to the marvelous, versatile hot brush and finish the job quickly and efficiently, adding the stylings you prefer.

Use a blowdryer for additional volume

If time is a little tight or you need another volume boost, a blow dryer is just the ticket. Remember, don’t blow-dry your hair fully, as it should only be 80% dry when the time comes to grab the hot air brush.

Tip: Hang your head upside-down as you blow-dry, adding lift to your roots

Comb your hair

Get those pesky knots and tangles out of the way before you even think about putting the hot brush in your hair. Comb each section methodically and make sure there are no snags before proceeding.

Let your hot air brush heat up

If the brush is not pre-heated, it will have little to no effect on the shape and style of your hair, so be sure to let it get up to temperature before getting started.

Pin your hair out of the way and work in sections

Somewhere around ear level, split your hair into sections, pinning the uppermost one out of the way as you work below it. Once you are done curling/straightening the bottom, you can move to the top, and life will be that much easier.

The bottom line is this: A hot brush hair straightener is a great tool to either turn your wavy hair straight for the evening or add curls to your straight hair. Either way, you can transform your existing hair into a fabulous, silky style and do almost no damage to it along the way.

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