What's The Deal With This Sparkling Wine Face Mask?

You know sparkling wine is good for your taste buds, but how good is it for your face? We reviewed The Face Shop’s Sparkling Wine sheet mask to find out.

Why, hello there, sheet mask aficionados and sparkling wine lovers! If you know me at all, you know that I am both of those things, too. That’s why I couldn’t resist picking up this sparkling wine-infused sheet mask (aptly named the “Sparkling Wine Sheet Mask”) during a recent trip to Korean skincare store The Face Shop.

According to the Internet, the sheet mask is supposed to “offer deep hydration and nutrients to your skin.” I had my doubts, to be frank. Sparkling wine itself is so… dry, you know? Like, how is something that dry and crisp going to moisturize my skin?

There was only one way to find out, of course. So I poured myself a glass of Freixenet—only the finest sparkling wine will do when you’re home alone on a Monday night trying out sheet masks in your dad’s basement—and got down to business.

A visual representation of me doubting my sheet mask. (Unrelated but also important: why are my lips the exact same color as my skin? Shouldn’t they be a little bit pinker or something? Help.)

The first thing I noticed about Sparkling Wine was its scent. It smells exactly like this grape-scented hair gel I used to be obsessed with when I was like, 10 years old. Good Lord, just the thought of using grape-scented hair gel is making me laugh out loud. What the hell was I even doing in the fourth grade? Why didn’t someone intervene?

Anyway, I digress. Sparkling Wine smells amazing, and if you like the scent of sticky sweet (and very artificial) grape, you will most certainly agree with me.

After a solid three minutes of breathing in the scent of the mask, it was time to try it on. I have to admit that I was disappointed to see how thin Sparkling Wine is. The last mask I reviewed, Too Cool For School’s Egg Cream, was so thick and so luxurious that I think it’s ruined me forever. My sheet mask standards are absurdly high now.

You’ll be happy to know that I forged ahead, taking great care not to tear the mask as I unfolded it and pressed it onto my face.

Here’s a visual of what I looked like before, during, and after the Sparkling Wine application:

Sparkling Wine Face Mask application

A note to all of you brilliant, technically inclined people: Can one of you invent a scratch n’ sniff laptop screen? Because honestly, it really sucks that you guys can’t smell this mask through your computers. It’s that good.

As you can see, the only visible difference between the first and third photos is that my skin calmed right the eff down. Given that I suffer from a severe case of Tomato Face Syndrome, any product that cools my complexion a little gets at least one thumb’s up from me.

Otherwise, I saw pretty typical results from Sparkling Wine. My skin definitely felt softer to the touch, and I think it looked brighter and better, in a general sense. But to be perfectly honest, the best thing about Sparkling Wine is its scent, and I have a feeling that the only reason I like it so much is because it sends me straight down memory lane.

So, the jury’s out on this one, guys. However, I definitely think Sparkling Wine was worth the $2 that it cost me to buy, so if you see it the next time you’re at The Face Shop, you should totally pick one up and try it for yourself. And when you do, report back here and let me know what you think.

If you already have tried Sparkling Wine, what did you think? And what sheet mask do you think I should try next? What’s your favorite sparkling wine? Let’s talk about booze and beauty in the comments section, shall we?

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