10 Safety Tips to Cut Baby's Nails Easily

Remember the time when a relative’s baby scratched your skin and left you with a pang of pain? Babies sure are little, but have pretty sharp and fast growing nails. So here is to all the parents to keep their nails under check to make them friendly to others who cuddle and wish to play, spend time as well. The best nail cutter helps you with those tiny fingers and does not look intimidating for the child to wail with ebbing fear. There are several tips and tricks to cut your baby’s nails and you have reached the right spot to find some insights into their health and reactions. Parenting becomes easy with one thing done right!

  • Do not cut your baby’s nails in dim lit settings. Don’t trust your instincts in this delicate situation as a single cut can even hurt their delicate cuticles. Proper lighting preferably during the day would be better. 
  • Distract your baby’s attention from the cutter to something or someone else for hassle free nail cuts. And take as much less time as they tend to pull away their tiny arms as you scrutinise the nails. So plan early, the better.
  • Gently open their palm when the baby sleeps or in playway mode if the baby is awake, cut the nails rather than putting pressure to straighten them. The same is applicable to the toenails. As babies have little to nil patience to stay still. Unnecessary pressure and tussle will only become worse.
  • Use the best nail cutter in India to cut the finger and toenails straight across. Take it easy and do it lovingly through distractions with tunes, music, toys and games.
  • Construct a fake story to encourage them to get rid of the protruding toe nails. Parents can act a bit to send the message of cutting the nails for getting praises in return.
  • Filing the baby’s nails could be hard and time consuming even when that eliminates the possibility of hurting them as seen with frequent cuts, bleeding caused by clippers and scissors.
  •  Keep a clean cloth pad ready to stop the bleeding if any occurs due to the withdrawing or pushing the arm from your baby’s side. 

Do not apply any medicine immediately. Waiting for the bleeding to stop with a clean cloth putting pressure on the cut, would be more effective than your baby sucking the applied medicine and dressing off. If the bleeding doesn’t stop then consult a pediatrician.

  • Choose cute looking nail cutters for the child to never be intimidated by the bare steel frame. Check in the material used to make the nail cutter both child and user friendly. Meaning no toxins.
  • If after cutting the nail, the skin surrounding the nail looks infected then apply a teeny-bit of antiseptic gel from the first aid box. So not leave it unattended as it could be the beginning of skin infections.
  • Remove the serious look from your face while cutting the nails, giggle and become a child yourself to calm the baby and complete the mission.

These were the most effective 10 safety tips to cut a baby’s nails easily and nail it for the young buddy to live healthy and happily.

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