Natural remedies
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Perfect skin is all that you dream of! But due to the daily exposure to pollution and sun rays that your skin gets, it tends to lose its tenderness, and this might aggravate your skin aging process. Being the most extended organ of your body, your skin reflects the care that you provide for it. 

Your skin can tell your age, the kind of food you consume, the amount of water you drink, and much more. It is also important to use verified products on your skin. This is because skin tends to absorb the products that you apply to it. Thus, it is quite crucial to take care of your skin. You can order from various body care product suppliers who offer a range of products.

Here Are 9 Natural Skin Remedies For You

Natural remedies
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Cleansing with Mint

Who doesn’t love crushed mint leaves on lemonade? But did you know that mint is very effective for the skin as well? Mint has a cooling effect due to the presence of menthol. This methanol helps to keep the skin fresh. 

Hence a mint pack can be applied once or twice a week, and you will get clear and fresh skin. In addition to this, a mint-based face pack is beneficial for insect stings, itchiness, scabies as well as eczema.

Applying Turmeric on skin

Have you ever considered the fact why do Indian grooms and brides apply turmeric in the Haldi ceremony just before their wedding? This is because Turmeric enhances the beauty of the skin. Turmeric mixed with pineapple juice can help you get rid of dark circles. 

Also, turmeric and sandalwood paste helps to rejuvenate your skin. Apart from these, it has antiseptic properties, reduces pigmentation, and also can treat a great number of skin problems. Thus, you can apply turmeric paste on your skin daily, and if you do not desire the yellowish tinge, then you can apply this paste once in three days.

Using Papaya facial

You might not be very fond of papaya as a fruit, but papaya is very useful when it comes to skincare. The tropical fruit I laden with the papain enzyme, which is well known for its wound healing and anti-bacterial qualities. 

Papaya facial is good for the skin since papaya efficiently reduces the brown spots due to exposure to sunlight. It also benefits in eliminating dead skin cells and heals the damaged cells. Applying papaya facial once a week is beneficial for the skin.

Applying Rice flour pack

If wrinkles are your major problem, then the rice flour pack is the solution. All households have rice and flour in their household almost throughout the year, hence these ingredients are readily available to you. 

Mixing rice, flour, and a little water and making a face pack, and applying it every day on your skin will help you get rid of wrinkles. Adding a little yogurt to this rice flour mixture transforms it into an efficient skin cleanser.

Applying raw potato on the skin

Who does not love french fries? But did you recognize that aside from being a tasty vegetable, potato is very useful for your skin as well? Potatoes play a very vital role in brightening your skin. 

Also, if you have stubborn dark circles, potato juice helps you to get rid of them. All you need to do is mash raw potatoes finely and apply it as a face mask on your face. You can apply this daily to get amazing results.

Exfoliating with walnut

Walnuts are considered a very efficient skincare ingredient and are used widely in the beauty care product industry. When walnut is finely transformed into powder, it acts as the best natural scrubber and extracts impurities from the skin in such a manner that even cosmetic scrubbers fail to do so. 

And unlike cosmetic scrubbers, which are not advised to be used on skin regularly, as they may damage skin, you can use walnuts as a scrubber every day. It is very gentle on the skin.

Using coconut milk and coconut water on the skin 

Coconut oil, as well as coconut water, is good for the skin. If you are looking for a mineral boost-up for your skin, then you need to wash your face with clear, tender coconut water every morning. 

If you desire to have soft and glowing skin, then you need to mix coconut milk and sandalwood paste. Applying these daily will help you achieve healthy, glowing, and mineral-rich skin.

Applying neem packs

Do you want to get rid of pimples? Then all you need is a neem face pack. Neem is laden with antibacterial qualities, and it helps to remove pimples and also gets rid of oily skin. You can make a neem-face pack by adding powdered neem to yogurt. You can utilize this pack twice a week to get effective results.

Applying rose water

Whenever you think of rose water, what comes to your mind? A royal queen applying it on her skin, right? Well, it is not just in movies; the rose water is indeed used since time immemorial. Rosewater soothes the skin. It nourishes the skin and also makes the skin glow. You can use rosewater every day, at night, just after cleansing your skin.

Are Natural Remedies Safe?

Are Natural Remedies Safe For Skincare?
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If this thought crosses your mind that natural remedies are safe or not, then don’t worry; they are safe. There are no added side effects of these natural ingredients because you are making your face pack at home, mixing these natural ingredients. There is no inclusion of chemicals in these natural remedies; hence they are safe.


So you see, skincare remedies don’t have to be expensive. You can have the natural packs at a really low cost. In addition, the ingredients that you will require for these face packs also are easily available, either in your kitchen itself or in the nearest market. 

Now to get results, you need to have patience since you will not achieve the perfect skin overnight. But, you can be sure of the effectiveness of these remedies since they are safe and natural. So, if you use these remedies religiously, you will achieve positive results.

But many times, it is difficult to make packs at home, mainly due to lack of time. 

In that case, you can order from various product suppliers who make products that are mainly composed of natural ingredients. These products get delivered to you in fancy custom cosmetic boxes. Hence, take your first step towards healthy skin!

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