Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Brow Waxing
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Self care is vital before we step out of our houses every day. One of the many things we do is get rid of excess hair. Most people do it in the summer to beat the heat. Self waxing is among the many options people consider to get rid of excess hair.

The results of self waxing can be excellent, or you might be left looking like a clown. So, you need to know the mistakes that can happen while at it. This article will help you avoid them and get the desired results. We will, through this article, discuss the common brow waxing mistakes people make.

Let’s get started.

1. Choosing Wrong Waxing and Makeup Essentials

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make while self waxing. Choosing the right products can be an uphill task.  However, you need to ensure you get it right because your products will determine the results. It would help if you didn’t go too dark or too light – you must strike a balance.

The best way to find the right products is by looking at your skin color. Also, it would help if you considered your hair color. Ensure you choose makeup products that won’t make your face look strange and unnatural. Your eyebrows should complement your face and not overpower other features.

2. Preparing Incorrectly

You need to prepare your skin for waxing beforehand. This is a whole process that involves getting the products you have ready. First, you need to understand the kind of wax you are using. If you walk into an eyebrow salon, you’ll realize that they use resin-based waxes.

But there also are sugar-based waxes that you can consider. But you will prepare for waxing differently with either product. Face washing is only necessary when using sugar-based wax. Please don’t wash your face when using resin-based wax; it might make the process painful.

It can be a good idea to seek help if you do not know how to prepare correctly. You can visit a brow studio and have your face waxed while learning the process. The experts at Olga Brow Studio go through the process slowly and meticulously. You can learn from them and then do it yourself the next time.

3. Using Too Much Wax

Many people tend to think that too much wax translates to better results. But this isn’t always the case. You will end up with a sticky mess if you apply more than enough wax on your eyebrows. This might affect the results you expected by the end of the process.

Thus, less is more when applying wax anywhere on your body. The thinner and smoother it is, the better your results. The hairless outcome you want to get will not require a lot of wax. It’s a mistake most beginners make, so you should avoid it.

4. Not Heating The Wax Properly

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This is one of the most challenging steps in the waxing process. If you are doing it for the first time, you might not know when to stop heating the wax. Some beginners over or under heat it which then affects the results. It is imperative that you get the waxing liquid to the right temperature.

The aim should be to get it to the proper viscosity for waxing. If you underheat the wax, it will be too thin, making it challenging to apply a smooth layer. On the other hand, overheating will make it too runny and expose you to burns. Do it at a brow studio if you can’t get it to the right temperature.

5. Mistiming The Wax

Waxing is a process, and you should never rush into it. It would help if you were slow but sure to get the desired results. Many people tend to wax hair that is too short. It’s worth noting that the wax might not latch onto the hair if it is too short. Thus, it would be best if you gave your hair time to grow.

The best timing is about two to three weeks. This will allow your hair to get slightly over ¼ of an inch long. That’s enough for the wax to work if you now follow the proper steps. Also, you should avoid waxing overgrown hair. It might be painful, and the area will end up looking messy.

6. Moving Too Fast

Many people think that waxing is a simple process. Thus, they believe that they can go through it without any help. Yes, waxing might appear simple, but it depends on the area you are doing it. For instance, if you are waxing your legs, it will be easy since they are level, firm, and accessible.

Compare that with waxing your underarms that you can barely see. It’ll be difficult, and you might not get the results you expect. Thus, you should avoid running before you can even walk. You can wax accessible areas and find a brow salon to help with inaccessible ones.

7. Lack of Attention

As said earlier, some areas of your body can be difficult to wax. If you are a beginner, you can avoid your eyebrows. They deserve special attention because they’re visible to everyone.

Find someone who’s mastered the art of waxing eyebrows to help you. We mentioned Olga Brow Studio earlier; check them out for waxing and professional makeup. Experts can help with everything from eyebrow lift to brow tinting. Also, they can do lash extensions and lash lifting.


These are the brow waxing mistakes that many people make. Remember, a simple error on your eyebrows will be easily noticeable. Thus, it would help if you did all you could to avoid making it. You can use this article as a checklist for things to avoid when you wax your brow.

You might also consider having a professional help you. Various salons offer professional makeup, which includes eyebrow waxing. You can access them easily by searching eyebrow waxing near me on Google. Working with experts can reduce the chances of mistakes.

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