Review: Miss Spa Tone Hydrogel Chin Mask
Review: Miss Spa Tone Hydrogel Chin Mask.

I reviewed the Miss Spa Tone Hydrogel Chin Mask which promises to improve the appearance of fine lines for a youthful look.

There is a mask for everything these days. You can get ones to soothe redness, to brighten your skin, and to fight annoying pimples. There are also masks that focus on specific areas. You can get eye patches, ones for your lips, and even ones for your chin. Your chin and jawline are areas you may not give much thought to, but they deserve some attention as much as the rest of your face does. That’s why I was intrigued to try out the Tone Hydrogel Chin Mask ($6, Miss Spa).

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The Tone Hydrogel Chin Mask contains Vitamin C and plants extracts to help tone the neck area and minimize the appearance of lines, giving you a more youthful appearance. The mask is made out of a gel-based material that promises to easily contour to your chin and jawline.

To apply the mask, you unfold it and peel away the paperback. You then place the mask onto clean, dry skin and slide each loophole over each ear. You then gently press it, so it adheres around your chin and jawline. After 30 minutes, you remove it and gently pat in any of the excess solutions into your skin.

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Warning: Be very careful opening the mask, especially if you are using scissors. Unlike some sheet masks that have huge packages, this one doesn’t have that much excess packaging, so you could accidentally snip part of it off.

When I removed the mask from its packaging, I was surprised by how thick it was. It was on the thicker side of sheet masks. I was also pleased to see how wide it was, even though it was focusing on your jawline. It was clear there was a lot of product on it, but it wasn’t over-saturated, and none of it dripped off.

When you pull it out of the packaging, you might be a bit confused about the exact placement and what side is the top, but there is a diagram on the Miss Spa website that will help. When I looped it onto one ear, I was unsure if the mask was really meant to go around both ears or if there was another way to loop it because the mask made it to just passed the other side of my chin. Upon looking at the diagram again, I realized that I had it right, but the mask was going to need some serious stretching to fit.

To the mask’s credit, it held up, and I was able to get it over both my ears. Note that no ears were seriously harmed in this, even if the photo tells a different story. There really wasn’t any need to ensure the mask was secure because it was so tight that it secured to my neck and chin perfectly.

The mask had a pleasant cooling sensation when I was wearing it. When I took it off, my chin and jaw did feel very soft. There wasn’t much remaining product, but I tapped into what was there. As for my ears, they felt a bit like how they would have felt if I wore a headband all day long where the back press into your ears. That feeling faded soon enough.

It is recommended that you use the mask weekly for long-lasting results. Even though I don’t have many neck issues at the moment, I wouldn’t mind using it as part of a weekly regimen. It is easy to multitask with other patches with. However, it would be nice if the mask was available in different sizes or offered a customized fit. Sheet masks will never fit every face shape, but it would be better to have one that didn’t pull so hard on my ears. I don’t want to have to contort my ears for a nice jawline.

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