Mineral Fusion Creamy Cleanser
Mineral Fusion Creamy Brightening Cleanser Review.

Some people search for new nail polish colors, while others are always on the hunt for the latest lipstick shades. If you are a skincare addict and love testing out new face products, I have found one that you need to add to your must-try list immediately: Creamy Brightening Cleanser ($14.99, Mineral Fusion).

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I was searching for a new scrub when I came across this one. I normally use a foam cleanser and an exfoliator twice a week to keep my skin in check, but this one combines both products. Mineral Fusion’s cleanser claimed that it was suitable for all skin types and gentle enough to be used every day. As someone with sensitive skin, I’m always cautious before I put new things on my face, but the gentle formula appealed to me. The cleanser is also 100% vegan and hypo-allergenic. It contains volcanic stones which sound abrasive, but it promises to gently cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells. It contains a host of other skin-perfecting ingredients, including tea tree oil, orange oil, aloe, shea butter, and mineral water.

The Creamy Brightening Cleanser sounded great, but all that means is nothing if it doesn’t work well. During the first test, I was pleased with how creamy it was. It definitely feels more like a traditional cream cleanser instead of a scrub. Another bonus? It smells great thanks to the orange, rosemary leaf and green tea oil formula.

The directions state that you apply it to your face, then massage it for 1-3 minutes before rinsing with warm water. After I rinsed it off, I genuinely noticed how soft my face felt. After I towel-dried my face, it felt just as soft. It was tempting to want to touch my cheek all day, but I remembered skincare rule #2 about not unnecessarily touching your face, so I tried to refrain from doing it.

I initially used the cleanser twice a week. I have combination skin which is on the oilier side in the hot weather, and the creamy cleanser did a good job of keeping my face hydrated while removing any old skin cells. Now that the weather is cooling down, I am using it every other day and may upgrade to using it on a daily basis when winter comes. We’ll see if the Creamy Brightening Cleanser can hold up to frigid winter weather. So far, it’s done a great job of keeping my face moisturized, silky soft without irritating it, so something tells me it will.

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