Booking an appointment at a med spa might sound a little unnecessary to you right now. After all, you’re not in need of any medical treatment – why would you need to book a consultation at a medical based spa center?

Cosmetic treatments don’t have to be invasive. They don’t have to be hard to sit through, take a long time, or require a doctor to sign off on the procedure either. That’s what a med spa is good for. You’re still being treated by qualified practitioners, but it’s up to you what happens next!

That’s why we’ve listed the things you need to know about med spa services down below. The more informed you are about what a clinic like ours does, the better a decision you can make.

What Treatments Would Be Right for Me?

Deciding on the right treatment for your aesthetic needs can be done on your own or with the help of our team. Here are some of the most commonly chosen treatments to consider yourself:

Dermal Fillers: Perfect for face sculpting.

Laser Hair Removal: If you have unsightly hair you’d like removing, choose laser hair removal.

Natural Fillers: A great, natural alternative to Botox and other dermal fillers.

Spa Services: Fancy a facial or a facial peel? These are perfect for improving the appearance of skin.

B12 Shots: Great for giving you a healthy glow and supporting your immune system.

How Can I Apply for a Treatment?

Booking a treatment, or reserving your spot at a med spa, is very easy. All you need to do is book the date and time you’re happy with, and then book the appointment you’re after.

For most people this will be an initial consultation. For some it will be the treatment they’re interested in. It’s up to the person booking, and all you need to do is decide. However, before you do, make sure you read through articles like these and get a good look at the treatment pages of the services we offer.

Who Performs Med Spa Treatments?

You should always look into the team behind the clinic or spa you choose to work with. A med spa tends to be the sum of the people who created it and have worked to make it the best center for aesthetic improvement possible. Do your research and make sure you’re happy with who you could be working with.

At Contour Clinique, any and all med spa treatments are performed by qualified professionals who have years of experience in the cosmetic and plastic surgery fields. We’re proud of the team we’ve put together and are happy to share more information about what we’re qualified in and how many years of on the job experience we have.

LIke we mentioned earlier, you should always feel free to book a consultation to talk one on one with a member of our team. Finding out more about your skin and its suitability for enhancements is key to a happy and healthy session.

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