Our grooming regimen includes multiple simple steps that help us look good and feel confident. They may seem routine but following these grooming steps mindfully can make a drastic difference. One of these steps is wearing perfume. We see an attractive bottle, become enchanted by the fragrance, and spray away to our heart’s content. While we understand the irresistibility of a good men’s perfume, knowing how to wear, buy, and preserve a perfume can elevate your fragrance game. In this article, we’re going to explore the perfect guide on the dos and don’ts of men’s perfume.


  1. Put The Cap Back On

We may sometimes forget to put the cap back on our Eau De Parfum or not fasten it properly. However, it’s very important that you cover the nozzle of the perfume properly. Once you open the cap, the mister comes in contact with the external environment which sets the degradation process of the perfume. So, make sure to seal the cap once you’ve used it to maintain the fragrance’s longevity.

  1. Keep The Box

A perfume box is more than beautiful packaging. It’s designed to store and preserve Eau De Parfum to maintain its shelf life. They also keep the Eau De Parfum protected from unfavorable environments and atmospheric conditions like heat and humidity. Instead of getting rid of the box, you can use it to properly store your Eau De Parfum. As much as you may be tempted to set the box on your vanity, it’s better to keep it inside a drawer or cupboard to keep the perfume formula intact.

  1. Store Perfumes in Cool, Dark & Dry Place

As mentioned above, a Eau De Parfum can be affected by various environmental/atmospheric conditions. Harsh UVA and UVB rays can damage the delicate formula and make it go rancid before its shelf life. It can even change the color of the liquid which acts as a telltale sign. Shower steam or any steam, damp atmosphere is equally bad for your favorite perfume, too. When perfume comes in contact with water particles, it can quickly oxidize the formula and dilute the fragrance. Moreover, constant temperature fluctuation can destroy the molecular structure and weaken the perfume’s potency.

  1. Check Older Perfumes For Discolouration Or Fogginess

If you love having a Eau De Parfum collection, regularly check older bottles for signs of expiration like fogginess, change in color or smell. This will help you keep your collection fresh. If you want to prevent going through this process often, opt for travel-sized perfumes that you can finish using before their expiration date and to avoid wasting full-sized fragrances.


  1. Rubbing Your Wrists Together

Many of us tend to rub our wrists right after spraying Eau De Parfum but this is frowned upon by Eau De Parfum experts. When you rub the perfume between your wrists and other pulse points, it heats up and makes the natural oils mix in with the molecular structure of the Eau De Parfum. This destroys the natural scent and makes it dissipate from the body faster. The best way to apply Eau De Parfum is to spray two to three spritzes on each pulse point (wrist, behind the ears, and chest), and let it absorb into the skin completely.

  1. Ignoring Weather Conditions

Climatic conditions can influence your perfume’s performance. In cold, arid weather, perfumes last longer on the body as you don’t sweat as much. If you’re wearing layers, spray the Eau De Parfum behind your ears and on the insides of your scarf or lapels of the jacket for a lingering effect throughout the day. When the climate is exceptionally hot, go for a high concentration of perfumes like an EDP.  Unlike  EDT and body mists, it will last longer.

  1. Not Considering Body Chemistry

We’ve all at one point asked people what scent they’re wearing as it resonates with our olfactory senses. However, our body chemistry also plays a role in applying perfumes. What Eau De Parfum smells like on one person may or may not smell the same on another owing to different body chemistries. So, if you want to try a new Eau De Parfum recommendation, wear a sample of it on your pulse points to determine whether it will suit you or not and then buy Eau De Parfum which suits your choice.

  1. Shaking Before Use

Most of us have a reflex of shaking spray bottles before we mist them. While for some beauty products, this move is inconsequential and even recommended, perfumes should not be shaken before use. Fragrance molecules have delicate chemical bonds, so shaking a Eau De Parfum bottle can destroy the formula. Moreover, oxygen also plays its part through the bubbles that form when a bottle is shaken. This speeds up the oxidation process, which in turn destroys the perfume notes’ integrity and performance. So, next time you wear Eau De Parfum, resist the urge to shake it. Open the bottle and directly spray it on the pulse points. This will make the perfume last longer.

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