Look Your Best: 5 Ways to Prepare for Your Wedding

If you’re set to walk down the aisle in the next few weeks or months, you’re most definitely feeling the heat.

From coordinating with various events staff to finding the perfect bridal gown, the list of hurdles you’ll face is bound to grow day by day. And, let’s be real, it can take a toll on our complexion!

Of course, you wouldn’t want your face to look anything less than flawless during the big day. 

Fortunately, with the right preparation, you don’t need to work too hard to achieve the perfect look. You’ll just have to be consistent.

Here are a few tips to help you sort out your wedding day glow-up.

1) Hydrate Yourself Often

Hydrate Yourself Often

And we’re not just talking about hydrating the skin with face masks here! Drinking water is essential to keeping your body shimmering and maintaining a healthy, picture-perfect radiance.

Through a scientific lens, water has a lot of benefits. For one, it eliminates toxins and cellular waste materials in the body, keeping the outermost layer smooth and soft. This waste secretion also helps the healthy living cells around your body perform their functions more optimally.

Furthermore, drinking adequate amounts of water also helps reduce the chances of acne breakouts, which can be a common outcome of the stress induced by wedding planning.

Medical guidelines have imposed the “8-glasses-a-day” standard almost everywhere, but feel free to adjust it to your body type and level of thirst. As long as you hydrate yourself often, you’ll not encounter any harsh skin problems down the line.

2) Don’t Linger Too Close to The Sun

Don't Linger Too Close to The Sun

If you want to remain blemish-free during your big day, hold off on those romantic getaways by the beach for a little longer! Excessive sun exposure can damage your skin and cause you to bristle and peel—two things that can be hell to get rid of during the wedding day.

If you can’t help but enjoy the final moments of your singlehood in the sun, it’s best to take precautions. For ideal protection against UVA and UVB rays, invest in a sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Remember to reapply it every two hours, or a bit more frequently if you’re bound to swim or sweat.

You can also wear protective clothing and opt for hats and sunglasses as a cover-up alternative. Reducing sun exposure to the skin—particularly your arms, face, and decolletage—can prevent unwanted discoloration and wrinkles in the long run.

3) Get Your Body Moving

Your body is a reflection of your inner health

Your body is a reflection of your inner health, so it’s important to give it the care it deserves. And one way to boost your overall fitness levels is by exercising.

Whether you’re hitting the gym or just going for a regular jog, sticking to an active lifestyle can be a great way to sculpt and shape your body before the big day. There are a variety of exercises that you can do to target the specific areas you wish to tone.

For instance, you can achieve a more slender figure by doing pilates or yoga. You could also opt for cardio-intensive activities like running or swimming to get rid of a noticeable belly.

Furthermore, exercising is a great way to keep skin conditions like acne, eczema, or psoriasis at bay. This is because exercise is a potent stress reliever, and the aforementioned conditions tend to manifest after periods of stress.

So if you’re looking to keep your skin in prime condition, make sure to make an exercise routine to religiously follow.

4) Start a strict beauty regimen

Start a strict beauty regimen

While applying positive lifestyle changes is important to maintaining a good physique, opting for a strict beauty regimen is also a good bet.

These treatments directly target specific areas of the body to a degree where results are almost instantaneous.

For instance, you can remove and prevent wrinkles from forming with anti-wrinkle injections offered at Victorian Cosmetic Institute or other cosmetic clinics. You can also find a doctor that can perform procedures such as microdermabrasion to get rid of any acne scars or discoloration.

Of course, you’ll first need to be checked by a doctor to make sure that the treatments are safe and suitable for your skin type. 

Once you’re cleared for treatment, your future self can look fondly at your wedding day pictures and be proud of the glowing complexion that you’ve achieved.

5) Get Your Beauty Sleep

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Let’s face it, no amount of makeup can save you from droopy eyes and a lethargic expression. The only way you can look energized during your wedding day is by putting in the numbers and achieving at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

During slumber, your body enters repair mode and patches up your cells, tissues, neurons, and muscles—helping restore your energy levels for the next day. It’s a nightly reset that allows you to start a brand-new day with a clean slate, both mentally and physically.

On the other hand, failure to get your beauty sleep can also cause skin problems like inflammation, dryness, and fine lines. These can get worse if you fail to get the required amount of rest over long stretches of time.

Lack of sleep can also induce an increase in cortisol, which is a stress hormone that strips your body of its natural glow. If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider taking melatonin supplements, turning off the phone at least an hour before bedtime, and making a predictable sleep routine.

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