3 Hair Removal Methods Everyone Should Consider

On average, American women spend around $3,756 on beauty products and services every year, which includes hair removal. 

Understanding the different hair removal methods is essential for choosing one that best aligns with your lifestyle and budget. But, if you’re unfamiliar with this world, it’s difficult knowing which one is best for you. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to learn about the various methods so you can make an informed decision.  

Sounds like you? Luckily, we’ve got your back. Here are three hair removal methods everyone should know.  

1. Waxing

One of the most popular options is waxing your body hair.

People love waxing as it lasts longer than shaving and is far less damaging to the skin, which is great if you’re waxing sensitive areas like the upper lip. Although you can do this at home, it’s wise to hire a waxing hair removal service because they can complete the job with minimal discomfort. 

A similar technique is sugaring, which is a newer method. First, mix sugar, honey, and lemon juice before applying it to the body hair. The beauty is that it’s a natural, pain-free solution. 

Or, if you’re targeting a smaller area, plucking is effective. People mostly choose this solution for their eyebrows or stray facial hairs with a pair of tweezers. But this method is best for smaller areas because plucking your legs or arm hair would take far too long. 

2. Laser Hair Removal 

Anyone who wants permanent hair removal should try laser hair removal. The practitioner uses a hair removal laser to target the affected area and destroy the hair. If you’re interested and want to learn more, contact a reputable company like mylabikini.com to get started.  

3. Hair Removal Cream 

If you don’t have the budget for laser hair removal prices, add a hair removal cream to your routine. This is a great solution if you want an elevated version of shaving as it lasts far longer. These creams work by dissolving hair with chemicals, so it’s important to consider your skin’s sensitivity before investing in them. 

Another topical cream is Viniqa, which is available via prescription. Each tube contains an enzyme that stunts hair growth, so you needn’t wax or pluck as regularly. Most people use Viniqa on their faces and you should use it twice a day for a month for the best results. 

Or, if that doesn’t work, try threading. Unlike others on this list, threading is an ancient technique from India where you pluck each hair by using a thread. Note, this is best for small areas of unwanted hair, such as the upper lip or eyebrows.  

Top Hair Removal Methods 

Now that you’re an expert on hair removal methods, you can choose the best one for you.

There are many effective solutions to consider, whether it’s using a topical hair removal cream or booking a laser hair therapy appointment. Consumers can also decide whether to wax or thread, depending on the area. Good luck!  

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