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A hairdryer is an appliance that most of us use almost every single day. If you are the owner of this wonderful blow-drying piece of equipment, you’ll know that once you switch it on, you block out the noise of the world. Some hair dryers are so loud that it sounds like a wild pack of Harley Davidsons cruising down the street.

In order for a hairdryer to work at its optimum efficiency, it’s pretty clear that it needs a powerful fan that can blow at a high temperature. With all that power comes to a whole lot of noise. As the beauty industry has grown over the years, so has the design of the perfect hairdryer.

One main feature that is highly sought after, is a quiet blow. This way hairdressers can still talk to their clients while giving them the perfect blow out. Finding a dryer that does the job while not making too much noise, is a difficult feat.

For some fun at-home tips on silencing the noise made by a hairdryer click here. And if you are looking to buy a dryer that is silent here are a few guidelines you can follow to make sure you purchase the perfect one.

Why Is a Quiet Hair Dryer Better?

There are a few reasons why quiet hair dryers are becoming more and more popular. Many men and women have to get up really early if they want to style and dry their hair. Switching on a device that blows at the volume of a speed jet isn’t very considerate towards other people in the house. Especially if you have a baby or young children, the noise from the dryer can be extremely disturbing.

When you are exposed to loud noise for a long period of time, you can suffer from permanent ear damage. The louder the noise and sound, the higher risk you have of suffering from hearing loss.

Another more obvious reason is that a loud fan can be extremely irritating. You can’t have conversations or listen to music while you drying and styling. Having a quieter device makes the drying experience much more enjoyable.

What Features Should I Look Out For?

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Typical hair drying devices can blow at a high intensity of 80-100 decibels. The volume of these fans is equivalent to holding your ear directly next to a loud exhaust of a race car. It’s therefore important that you look for a device with the lowest decibels. Some feature decibels as low as 30.  

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Type Of Heating

It comes as no surprise that excessive heat is damaging to your hair. No matter what heating system your hair dryer uses, make sure you always use a heat resistance product to protect your strands from damage.

There are four typical heating types in hair dryers. Ceramic, Tourmaline, Titanium, and Ionic. All four of these heating types have different functions for different types of locks. Locks that are thick and prone to frizzing should use an ionic or tourmaline type. For thin, dry and brittle locks you should avoid ionic dryers and opt for tourmaline or ceramic.


The quieter the appliance the less wattage it will use. Wattage measures how fast the fan motor has to work. The higher the wattage the more powerful the motor to ensure that the fan can function at a high rpm.

Bearing in mind that a lower wattage means that the fan isn’t blowing as hard, which in effect will make drying time a lot longer. Typically, you have to shop for one that ranges between 1400 and 1600 watts if you want a quieter experience. Anything over 1800 watts will most probably be louder, but it will dry your hair faster.

What’s great is that developers have engineered hair drying devices that blow much quieter at a whopping 1875 watts. You will have to pay a bit more for this aerodynamic design, it will be worth every penny.

Refer to Soundproof Pros guide to the best hair dryers that are quiet to help you make an informed choice.

Hair Dryers

Barrel Length And Weight

The length of the barrel is a great indication of whether it will be extremely noisy when you switch it on. The space between the fan and your hair is the barrel, it’s in this space that air flows and generates noise. Dryers with short barrels have a better dual airflow compared to those with longer barrels.

It’s also important to consider the length of the barrel when it comes to comfortability of use. You might end up burning your scalp if the heating system isn’t balanced out by the power of the fan and the barrel length.

Another feature to look out for is weight. Heavy dryers can be difficult to handle. Anything between 400-600 grams is an ideal weight.

A blow dryer is an appliance that can last for a very long time. Especially if you use it very regularly then you should do some research before buying one. The quieter and more effective, the more expensive.

Spending a few extra dollars on the perfect hairdryer is worth the money.  Not only will it be healthier for your hair, but it will also provide you with a more comfortable and quieter drying experience.

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