10 Spots You Forget To Put Sunscreen, Ranked By How Much You'll Hate Yourself When It Burns

Here are the 10 places you always miss when you’re applying sunscreen– ranked by how much you’ll hate yourself when the burn shows up.

Summer may be drawing to a close, but there’s still plenty of time left for the sun to burn evil, wrathful holes through the top layer of your skin. Anyone who’s had a shitty sunburn can tell you how much it sucks, but somebody parts definitely get it worse than others. Here are the 10 places you always miss when you’re applying sunscreen– ranked by how much you’ll hate yourself when the burn shows up.

1. Nose.

It definitely sucks to have a red and peely schnozz, but since your nose doesn’t interact with the rest of your body very much, there’s not a lot of potential for irritating the burn. That being said, though? Nobody likes to rest glasses on the bridge of a fried nose.

2. Ears.

You can get by without touching them a lot while the burn heals, but if you’ve ever tried to brush your hair behind a burned-to-a-crisp ear, you know it’s not fun.

3. Shoulders.

If you get the chance to go braless– or if you’re one of the lucky few who doesn’t need straps to keep her boulder-holder in place– this kind of burn isn’t the worst. But if you’re lugging around a baby, carrying a messenger bag, or having to wear a camisole with tight straps? Bullshit.

4. Scalp.

How are you even supposed to apply sunscreen to the part of your hair? You only need to brush through tangles with a hot pink scalp one time to know that sun hats are amazing.

5. Feet.

You thought getting SPF on your legs was good enough, didn’t you? You thought those flats would protect you, DIDN’T YOU? Explain that to your aching little feet.

6. Hands.

There’s something really ironic about getting sunburned on the appendage that you use to apply sunscreen. Life’s a bitch, and so is going through your day with painful corpse hands.

7. Nooks and crannies.

Ever get burned on the backs of your knees or the insides of your elbows? And felt constant irritation with every single body movement? You’ll never be more aware of how your joints work.

8. Neck.

Did you know that you use your neck every time you move your head? Did you know that the pillows that comfort you the rest of the year are fluffy little torture devices when the space above your back is rubbed raw?

9. Boobs.

Sensitive skin + burns + bras = disaster. Your cleavage is already at an unfair disadvantage because it doesn’t see the sun very often, so if you’re wearing a skimpy bikini or letting the ladies fly free, you need to protect yourself from turmoil.

10. Cheeks.

This counts for your face and for your butt. Ow. Dear lord, ow.

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