Spraying Perfume On Wrist

This is what your favorite fragrance says about your style and personality whether you like citrus scents or floral perfumes.

Our jewelry and our manicures reveal a lot about us, but nothing says more about a person than their choice of fragrance. Whether you’re obsessed with refreshing citrus scents or love a floral fragrance as much as a bouquet of flowers, that perfume tells us a lot about you. Who hasn’t smelled a stranger wearing Chanel N°5 and known exactly what type of person that would be? i.e., The type of woman who is into classic, tailored clothes and who knows how to tie a scarf.

Read on to find out what your favorite perfume says about you:

1. Floral

Floral Perfume Bottle

You love to sip champagne from a long-stemmed flute, especially if it is that pink kind and accompanied by an $8 cupcake. Your friends can always rely on you to organize girls’ nights out. Some of them offer to help, but you prefer to take full responsibility and organize everything right down to coordinating everyone’s outfits. You are not ashamed of your love of reality TV and the fact that you have watched at least one episode from every Real Housewives spin-off to ever air on TV.

2. Citrus

Citrus Orange Perfume Bottle

You are proud to say that you are a morning person. There is no better way to start the day than with a five-mile run, followed by a fruit-and-veg smoothie with two extra shots of wheatgrass. You try to walk to work when you can, but if you can’t, you can at least use the commute to catch up on your to-do list–which is color-coordinated according to deadlines and type.

3. Spicy

Spicy Perfume Bottle

You will only go out to dinner if someone makes the reservation for after 8. It’s not just because you look best in candlelight, but because you probably just got out of bed at 2 o’clock. Your signature lipstick is a deep red, which is the exact same color as your favorite drink, an expensive red wine. Your style icon is Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, and you are constantly angry at the world because you cannot get your bangs to look just like hers.

4. Green

Green Perfume Bottle

You are very into foraging. You love it so much that you have been tempted to join Facebook just so you can create a “Foraging Friends For The Planet” group, though you find any type of social media disgusting. You try to wear clothes that are only 100% cotton and only use natural cosmetics. Your ultimate goal is to own a llama farm or at least visit one.

5. Oriental

Oriental Vanilla Perfume Bottle

Your ideal weekend is sitting by a fire reading classic literature translated into a foreign language. It would be even better if you were snuggled under a one-of-a-kind knitted blanket sipping a dark roast coffee with cream, but absolutely no sugar. You loathe the term “boyfriend.” Even if you’re in a kind-of-committed, semi-serious relationship, you prefer to address your partner as “your lover.” Let people think what they want; it’s very sexy.

6. Fruity

Fruit Perfume

You are a Bath & Body Works addict. You receive all of the email updates and buy every single new fragrance, provided they don’t smell musky. Ick. In addition to loving “Buy 3, Get 3 Free” body lotions, you can’t get enough of Victoria’s Secret Pink underwear and any song by Taylor Swift. As a teen, your IM name was something like xocutiebabiez4evaxo.

7. Wood

Rosemary Essential Oil Perfume Bottle

You are a no-nonsense chick. And for the record, you hate the word “chick.” It is as repulsive as someone calling you “babe” or trying to kiss you on the cheek as a greeting instead of offering you a proper handshake. You always tell the truth because it’s better to tell someone that outfit doesn’t suit them to their face than for them to go out in public in it. Sometimes your honesty gets you in trouble, but it’s not going to stop you. Deep down, they are thankful for your opinion.

8. Oceanic

Ocean Spray Perfume Bottle

Your decorating style is California clean, and you have a massive collection of soap seashells. If something says “refurbished” or it is painted in a white eggshell finish, you have to have it. Jennifer Aniston is your ultimate style icon; no explanation is needed. When you’re not busy fixing up your place, you’re designing your dream house and trying another new cleanse.

9. Baked Goods

Chocolate Perfume Bottle

Your favorite season is winter. Why? CHRISTMAS! You love all holidays, but Christmas is the big one. You buy most of your Christmas gifts in the sales the year before, but that doesn’t mean you’re cheap. It’s because you are efficient. You also purchase stuff throughout the year whenever you find something that is very “John” or “Mary.” You already have a fruitcake made for this year that is in the process of maturing.

10. Candy

Candy Perfume

You love anything from the early 2000s, including TV shows, crazy fashion trends, and celebrities. I mean, all that stuff is vintage now, right? You spend hours looking at Tumblr for throwback posts and love reminiscing about the good ol’ days. The only type of dog you want is a Chihuahua, but you will not buy one until you can afford that Louis Vuitton monogrammed carrying case.

11. No Smell

Is spray on deodorant better?

You are most definitely not a “Plain Jane.” You don’t need to wear perfume, the same way you don’t need to wear lipstick, carry a purse 24/7, or be forced to wear heels to a formal event. You’ve recently found yourself interested in Illuminati conspiracy theories, but you also like to relax by watching old episodes of Breaking Bad and Dexter.

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