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It is one thing to have long and thick hair on your head, and another to have a layer of fur on your arms. While some people barely have any hair growth on their bodies, others tend to have thicker and faster hair growth. So if those body hair don’t fit your personal style, and you are looking to get rid of them from certain areas, hair removal creams can be your solution.

However, don’t just rush out and buy the first product you see in a drug store. The hair removal process by cream is only effective when you know what you are buying. Cheap and low-quality creams can make the whole experience extremely unpleasant. You should also consider the area you want to use the cream on, before buying it.

For example, if you are looking to remove hair from your face, you shouldn’t use a hair removal cream that is meant for your legs, as it may end up causing irritation. Similarly, an intimate hair removal cream should be used on the area it is meant for, rather than on your hands or face. So do your research prior to buying the product.

If you use Hair Free hair removal cream, every cream is specially formulated to complement the area it is made for. We also have different creams for the use of men and women, as their hair types are different from one another. Hair removal cream for men, for any area, is much more stronger, as it is designed to get rid of much coarser hair.

Keep reading to find out some facts about hair removal creams before you decide to use them.

1. Chemistry

hair removal creams chemical depilatories

Anything that dissolves hair follicles is called a depilatory. This makes hair removal creams chemical depilatories. They use alkaline chemicals, such as strontium sulfide, calcium thioglycolate, and sodium thioglycolate, to eliminate hair from the surface. So once these creams come in contact with your skin, the chemicals remove the protein bonds that hold together a hair follicle. Afterward, the keratin protein is so weak that the hair just simply dissolves in the cream.

Hair Free is a little different from an average depilatory cream, as we promise a permanent removal of hair.  The active ingredient GSF 2:0 allows us to completely stop hair growth after a month’s use. This ingredient is pulled into the hair root and kills the hair from its root. So apart from regular hair removal, Hair Free product offers you ever-lasting hair-free skin.

On the end note, if you are wondering why these creams smell so awful, it is because of the chemical reaction between sodium hydroxide and calcium thioglycolate. You can find scented creams, but remember that additional products only make your skin prone to more irritants.

2. Inexpensive And Easy

hair removal cream for face

In most cases, inexpensive and easy can be a combination of something disastrous. However, when we talk about hair removal creams, that is not the case. Hair removal creams come in a tube that can be used multiple times and is considered extremely affordable. Especially with Hair Free products, you only need a month’s supply, and then you can stop the use of any hair removal method for good, as you will have zero hair growth.

Other than that, the wipe-on and wipe-off technology of hair removal cream are extremely easy for anyone. You just need to lather the cream on the surface of your skin, wait for a few minutes, and wipe or wash it off for soft and smooth skin. The whole process inflicts zero pain. If your skin is sensitive, you may feel some irritation, but that also goes away in a few hours.

3. Hair Removal Creams Aren’t For Everyone

Hair Removal Creams Aren't For Everyone

Every product has a downside for one person or another. It is true that hair removal creams contain harsh chemicals, which is why this product is not suitable for every person. People with sensitive skin or severe allergies have a risk of skin irritation, burn, or severe allergic reactions. This is not the fault of the product or the person, as no two people have the same skin or condition. It may be an excellent choice for some, while others may end up suffering.

This is why it is recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to test the product prior to use. In the case of hair removal creams, a small patch test will tell you if this product is for you or not.

4. Hair Removal Cream Doesn’t Darken The Skin

Hair Removal Cream Doesn't Darken The Skin

Skin darkening is the most common myth attached to hair removal creams. This is hardly the case since skin darkening is caused by products that have harsh chemicals, which cause your skin to burn. If you choose Hair Free hair removal cream, you won’t experience any skin darkening, as the chemical we use causes minimal irritation and absolutely no burning. However, you are advised to do a patch test 24 hours before the application, as there may be some ingredients in the cream that you may be allergic to.

5. Hair Removal Creams Require You To Follow Directions

Hair Removal Creams Require You To Follow Directions

Many people fail to follow through with the directions that are given on the packaging of the product. Companies put directions on their product for a reason. Their primary purpose is to inform the user about a safe way to use the product. Hair removal creams are the same, as they require you to follow each step carefully so that you can have an effective and safe hair removal.    

You should now be aware of how hair removal creams work and the safest way to use them.

If you want to try hair removal creams for yourself, give Hair Free a try. You are guaranteed to have an ever-lasting smooth and silky skin.

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