Skincare is both simple and complex. It is simple because it does not require special knowledge and skills, and if there are no dermatological problems that require the attention of a doctor, everyone can maintain the health and attractiveness of the skin on their own. And it is complicated because it is important to take into account a number of nuances that are designed to provide comprehensive and comprehensive care for the needs of the skin. But this task can be made easier. Knowing the basic rules of skincare, you can maintain its attractiveness and eliminate a number of problems.

Unfortunately, many believe that men do not need special care. Men also suffer from acne, use skin care products too, and need to wash their face to get rid of impurities on their face. It is also important how to brush your teeth 2 times a day.

What does a man’s skin need?

The structure of men’s skin is different from women’s. In men, the epidermis is several layers thicker, and the dermis contains more collagen – so men’s skin retains elasticity longer. Due to the male hormone testosterone, the sebaceous glands are much more active, and in adolescence, many men develop rashes on their faces. Then the hormonal background, as a rule, stabilizes, so more mature male skin is rarely problematic. However, now she is regularly exposed to the stress of shaving and needs special, masculine care.

Do men really need facials?

Many men are content with rinsing their faces with cold water in the morning just to wake up. But is this enough? Do men need a grooming program? And if so, what should care to look like for the strong half of humanity?

The unequivocal answer: NECESSARY! Every day, men’s skin is exposed to the effects of the external environment – dust, cold, and sun. And above all, on the skin of the face, these factors can cause dehydration, sunburn, and even if men’s skin is less often than women’s, it can be problematic – rashes.

What is your skin type?

Most men have rough, oily skin. But there are other options as well. Below are the characteristics by which you can determine your skin type and choose the right care.

  1. Dry male skin

Is your skin tight, flaky, and itchy? Are you a man with dry skin? Enriched Nourishing Cream is the right choice for you.

  1. Combination skin

The unequivocal signs of combination skin are an oily sheen on the forehead, nose, and chin and dehydrated, dry areas of the cheeks. Choose a treatment that hydrates your skin while keeping lipids (oils) to a minimum.

  1. Sensitive male skin

Sensitive skin reacts with rapid onset of irritation and redness. A particularly mild, soothing face cream is ideal here.

Daily shaving makes the skin more sensitive

On average, men shave about 16,000 times in their lifetime. Daily shaving removes the top layer of skin cells, exposing immature skin that is particularly sensitive to external influences.

After shaving, irritation appears on the skin. But with the right products, like an aftershave concentrate, you can protect your skin and boost skin repair the moment you put your razor down.

Anti-aging cream for men

Anti-age! Although the natural reserves of moisture in men’s skin protect it from wrinkles longer, from the age of 30, you still need to add a special cream to the men’s care program. For starters, we recommend a light product in the morning or a more intense anti-age treatment.

Take care of your skin regularly

You need to take care of your skin every day because in this case, the cream or serum can really work as intended. For the face, it is recommended to use not only products for daytime use but also for night.

Use peels

Horned and dead skin cells are very important – they play the role of a barrier that protects the inner layers of the skin from adverse external factors. But when there are too many of these cells, they interfere with skin respiration, do not allow cosmetics to penetrate deep into the skin, and make the skin look untidy and tired. Peels are one of the popular solutions to the problem.

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