Lift Your Eyes without Surgery

The hooded eye is a condition that makes excess skin pulled down from the brow lines and more prominent towards the outer edge giving the eyelids a hooded appearance. People generally associate the condition with aging, but this is also due to genetic disorders and other causes.

The term used to define hooded eyes is ‘Dermatochalasis’, and this means that the skin below the eyebrow folds too much to come close to the eyelashes. This is not a medical issue, but it certainly affects the vision and quality of life and at the same time, looks atheistically displeasing.

Surgical treatments are available to get rid of this condition but just think once about whether you want to bear the pain of a surgical process when you can get rid of this condition using different non-surgical approaches. This post here has details of different non-surgical techniques that will help you lift your eyelids naturally and get rid of hooded eyelids. But let us first go through some common reasons behind this condition.

What Causes Hooded Eyes?

It is basically genetics that determines the shape of your eyes, and if the parent of a person has hooded eyes, there are sure shot chances of that person facing this issue. Another reason is ‘aging’, where muscles that support eyebrows lose their tone and start to sag. This causes eyebrows to droop and push down on the soft tissues and creates a hooded effect over the eyelid. Apart from this, researchers found in 2021 that any trauma to the side of the head can also be a reason for hooded eyelids.

How to Lift Your Eyelids without Surgery?

As mentioned above, getting rid of hooded eyes is possible without surgery. Different techniques and products like ‘lids by design’ can be highly effective for the purpose. However, there are some stipulations attached to most of the techniques, like they will be effective only when the hooded eyes are due to muscle tone loss and not due to any trauma that resulted in nerve damage.

Eyelids Tape

A very effective and safe method to hide or fix hooded eyes temporarily is the eyelid tape or correcting stripes. Lids by Design stripes have proven themselves as very revolutionary in improving the condition of hooded eyelids and also normal eye vision. The most impressive feature of lids by Design stripes is that they can support eyelids for up to 24 hours, and throughout this period, they will continue to stay discreet and invisible. Exercises and other non-surgical techniques generate results very slowly, but these stripes are an immediate solution for those facing hooded eyes issues. You will surely save thousands of dollars that could have been wasted by opting for surgical procedures to correct hooded eyelids.

Eyelid Massage

There are several eyelid massage exercises and techniques that are very effective in ensuring that you get non-surgical hooded eyelids very quickly. One approach involves gently lifting and wiggling the skin left and right to stimulate circulation. Another one recommends pinching the right eyebrow lightly and rotating your hand skywards to raise the eyebrows.


In the beginning, you should sit up straight and place your index finger at the outer corner of your eyes. Then, gently place the middle finger in the eye’s corners and apply moderate pressure while squinting. You will have to direct your gaze towards the ceiling and repeat this 10 times. The harder part of the process is to keep the upper eyelids open while squinting the lower eyelids. Repeating this will surely help you get rid of the puff or, in other words, hooded eyes.

Resistance Training For Your Eyelids 

This will be easier provided you learn this technique of lowering, stretching, and squeezing the eyelids. You have to look directly in front of you and place your index finger parallel to the eyebrow. Now hold the eyebrows in place while closing the eyelids and feel that slight stretch. Now you can open your eyes and repeat this 4 or 5 times and while doing this, keep your eyes shut for around 6 to 10 seconds.

Dancing with Eyes Movement

Dancing is also an effective technique to fix hooded eyes and get eyelid lifts without surgery. Remember that you will have to choose the dance form, where too much eye movement is involved. This is a fun activity where you will have to time your movements to the beat, lift your eyebrows, and close your eyes. Doing this 10 times while avoiding contorting your face will indeed generate positive results.

Eyes Wide Open

To perform this exercise, you must raise your eyebrows as high as possible and open your eyes as wide as possible. As you open them, count to 5 and then lower your eyebrows and relax. This one-step process must be repeated for at least 5 to 10 minutes for positive results.


One important thing to remember is that these exercises won’t yield permanent effects. To keep yourself away from hooded eyes, you will have to choose your method smartly and continue with it for the rest of your life.


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