Cruelty-Free Shower Products: The Ultimate Shopping Guide
Cruelty-Free Shower Products: The Ultimate Shopping Guide.

If you’re interested in giving cruelty-free beauty a try, here are 10 shower products that I’ve had great experiences with!

I’ve been transitioning into using only cruelty-free beauty products, and it’s been a fun and challenging experience. Luckily, the internet is full of other bleeding hearts looking to make the world a slightly better place, so I’ve been introduced to tons of products that work wonders. If you’re interested in giving CF beauty a try (or if you’re already a pro who’s looking for new recommendations), here are 10 shower products that I’ve had great experiences with!

1. Rub Rub Rub shower gel from Lush

The next time someone tries to tell you that veganism is a buzzkill, inform them that you wash your body with blue goop that smells like mimosas. This is one of my all-time favorite Lush products, and that’s saying something.

2. Color Care shampoo from Yes To Cucumbers

Some of the products in the Yes To line smell too strong for me to get behind them, but this one is really great. If you dye your hair, this is a cheap and intensive way to pamper it.

3. Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub from Burt’s Bees

If your skin needs a deep clean, this product does a really solid job. It contains a bit of honey, so it’s not officially vegan, but it does get the cruelty-free stamp of approval.

4. Buffy shower scrub from Lush

This stuff does amazing things for rough skin that needs exfoliating, and it’s also a great gift idea for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans. Get cleaner and shinier while a) pretending to take down bad guys with a stake and b) knowing that no animals had to die for this product.

5. Pumpkin + Calendula Soap from Acure

I love this company and their commitment to making CF, vegan, and fair trade products. Their soap works well, smells great, and comes at a reasonable price. This one is like a Pumpkin Spice Latte for your pits.

6. Big shampoo from Lush

It makes me so sad that this product irritates my coconut allergy because otherwise, it’s a freaking bomb. It smells awesome, it makes your scalp feel clean as it can be, and its lather will change you for life.

7. Lavender Nourishing Shampoo from Avalon Organics

I’m a sucker for anything lavender scented, and this shampoo makes me feel like a flowery queen. I love that they make their bottles out of recycled materials, too.

8. Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner from Lush

I love the texture of this, and I can’t get enough of the intense natural fragrance. However, I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re opposed to strong smells in your shower or if you live somewhere with a lot of mosquitos and other summertime bugs. Other than that, though? Perf. Just perf.

9. Sea Buckthorn Face & Body Bar from Sibu Beauty

I can’t talk about CF products without giving a huge shoutout to Sibu. I found out about them when they offered me samples, and I had no idea I was going to fall in love with everything they make. Their products leave you feeling soft, clean, and like you smell better than any other human on the planet.

10. Deep Repair Mask by Macadamia Oil

And finally, my favorite shower product of all time. I have dry hair, and this product moisturizes it like nothing else ever has. I use it once a week during the healthier months and every other day in the winter. Can’t recommend enough.

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